Summer 😎, Sunshine🌞, Smiles 😃!

Summer is officially here! I know because there are kids everywhere! School is out!  I see kids in summer camps, at the pools, on the roads and in the grocery stores with their parents.

What I’ve learned:  kids grow up and move away, jiffy quick. We only get to enjoy them for a short eighteen years. Many songs recount birth to school to college to weddings in three minutes, thirty seconds. My takeaway: Have FUN with them! Enjoy them. Make every event a life lesson and a memorable moment.

During these summer months, have FUN with your kids. Kiss them and hug them, cook with them, laugh with them and snap lots of photos. Enjoy them and make each day count.

What are your summer plans?

Shout out to Emily and Tara ~ my favorite kids on the planet ~ make this a wonderful Summer! ❤️



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