Good days and better days

I was having a “not so good day” earlier this week. I was negative, restless, melancholy and irritable. Thank goodness for my amazing husband and my friends (old and new, near and far). Good days turn into better days with love, support, encouragement, nurture, forgiveness (of ourselves and others) and belief. Being a perky, joyful […]

Enjoy the journey ~ Find the balance

Blessings come with burdens. New, bigger house is nice and more to clean and organize. Two cars are liberating and come with more trips to  gas stations and car washes. New jobs teach new lessons, introduce new friends and require more meetings, conferences and day trips. Our feelings are favored and frustrating. Maintain a good […]

Home is where the 💜 is.

From sea to shining sea, people love, move, live and explore. Some people stay in one place all their lives. Others travel and seek.  I love to travel; and I love living in different places. Initially change has its challenges, then becomes peaceful and comfortable. One of my favorite things to do is learn languages, […]