Enjoy rather than endure

Two days of sun: go out for a walk, go to the pool, go out for a run/walk. Then, two days of rain: clean closets, clean house, clear out the “donation” piles, bake cookies, read, write, go to the gym.

Some days will be sunny, some cloudy. Enjoy what you wake up to without complaints. I realized that I was complaining about the cold, rainy days.  Where I live,  it seems we have two sunny then two rainy days. Now, I spin my thoughts and see how to enjoy the days, rather than endure them. I truly believe it takes six months in a new place to learn my way around, settle in, and make some friends.  I also had to learn ‘weather related’ activities.

Today is cloudy and rainy, yet there’s sun and joy in my outlook. Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

How are you doing with this?



Share your smiles

A little smile goes a long way! Share your smiles…yours may be the one that saves a life, lights a room, turns a situation around or ends up on the Jumbotron.

I saw a lady in the gym with her head down and a frustrated expression. I said, “You looked great doing your exercises. You work really hard.” She sat up, smiled a little and said, “Really? I don’t feel like it. Thank you!”  Everyone needs and appreciates a little encouragement.

Have you smiled at someone today?



Good days and better days

I was having a “not so good day” earlier this week. I was negative, restless, melancholy and irritable. Thank goodness for my amazing husband and my friends (old and new, near and far). Good days turn into better days with love, support, encouragement, nurture, forgiveness (of ourselves and others) and belief.

Being a perky, joyful person, I like to spark love in people I meet. Sometimes, I need that spark. My Mark always encourages me and is an amazing coach. My new friends, Laila, Mary and Joyce, sparked love in me when I needed it this week. I am most grateful for their listening of me, and the great coaching they offered: let it go, forgive, keep smiling.

Now on to better days. I offer kindness, encouragement, compliments and   support to myself and others. I will reap what I sow. I will be quick to listen and slow to speak. I will forgive. There is joy in good days but more in better days. I think the not so great days teach us as much as the really great days.

Onwards and upwards!



32 is a groovy 🌹number!

32 is the number of piano sonatas by Beethoven, completed and numbered.

32 degrees is the freezing point of water at sea level in Fahrenheit.

There are 32 Kabalistic Paths of Wisdom.

32 is the atomic number of the chemical element germanium (Ge), which is to say 32 is the number of protons found in the nucleus of its atom.

32 is the number of teeth in a full set of an adult human if the wisdom teeth have not been extracted.

32-bit is the size of a databus in bits.

32 years is how long I’ve been happily, gratefully and joyfully married to my high-school sweetheart, hero, mentor and life and laugh partner, Mark Schnitzer. This has been the FUNNEST ride at the park!




Good advice according to Pooh

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.”

“Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart.”

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”

“A day spent with you is my favourite day. So today is my new favourite day.”

and “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Hang in there…love is everywhere. Just find one friend and you’ll be good to go.



Caring ~

To make a difference in someone’s life, you have to care. Caring and love never fail… let people see something in me/you that they want.  People don’t care how much you know; they want to know how much you care.

Psssst….I care about YOU!

I received a very sweet text message from a friend: “…Just wanted to see if I could score some time with you.” Wow, that made my heart sing! That’s a caring message and I accepted the invitation with love, joy and caring in my heart.

Today’s mantra:  Be myself. Have FUN. Stay present. Show I care.



Enjoy the journey ~ Find the balance

Blessings come with burdens. New, bigger house is nice and more to clean and organize. Two cars are liberating and come with more trips to  gas stations and car washes. New jobs teach new lessons, introduce new friends and require more meetings, conferences and day trips. Our feelings are favored and frustrating.

Maintain a good attitude and keep the blues at bay. Scanning photos from 1977 to about 2016 has my emotional roller-coaster on high alert and working overtime.  While I am so happy to digitize all the hard copies then send them to my friends and family, I get melancholy seeing my children as wee-ones, all the family trips, silly faces, hand-made clothes and costumes; it went by way too fast. I get weepy knowing they are only memories now.

T & E in mommy-made dresses in May 1997

We are in it to win it… have a “can-do” attitude.  I will get through these times. I will find the silver linings. I will never give up, ever. There are new things in my future..new friends, new photos and new adventures. I will find the balance: great memories and new futures.

Any thoughts?



Be winning and worldly!

Be winning and worldly and well-bred. Do things you love to do. Go out, explore, take chances, take risks, let your hair down (so to speak). Make new friends: just say “hello” to someone new. Strike up a conversation at the gym, in line at the grocery store, at the shuttle stop, over the fruit table. You don’t know where it will lead, but you have already established a common ground: you’re both there.

In my family we have a 3′ rule: if you’re within 3′ of us, we’ll say hello and talk to you. I invite you to share that rule.

For me, I’ve been doing this for the past six months, since moving to my new city {and repatriating}, and it’s a slow process. I will not give up! I’ve made a few connections and hope to nurture those relationships into real friendships.

Go out, be bold, make friends. Make this a great day, an awesome life…because it is.



Home is where the 💜 is.

From sea to shining sea, people love, move, live and explore. Some people stay in one place all their lives. Others travel and seek.  I love to travel; and I love living in different places. Initially change has its challenges, then becomes peaceful and comfortable.

One of my favorite things to do is learn languages, or at least catch phrases that I can use to strike up a conversation. I recently found myself the third in a group of three women. I asked about place of origin, one woman said Korea and the other said Russia/Azerbaijan. So…..as is my custom, I squealed out the phrases I know in Korean and Russian. We all had a good laugh and quickly were on level ground. A friendship began. My mantra: the more languages one speaks, the more friends one can make. Our “home” becomes bigger with more people in it.

As I walked down the hall in my building, I saw this new floor mat:


I’m inspired by others who are like-minded, open-minded and curious.  Indeed, home is where the heart is; and there is sweetness within.





Just a lot….

A lot on my plate, a lot on my mind. Trying to enjoy the FUN that I find.

The gym, the pool, the crazy flying cotton puffs; Five months really isn’t enough.

I’ve explored a lot, giggled a lot, shopped a lot and then; an epiphany occurs, that’s solely hers: I’m still new here; and a lot is a lot.

Repatriation thoughts….