Love in the mail📫

Living in a “dorm” is a perfect domicile for making friends: around the pool, in the gym room, at the pool table, or in the mail room. I’ve actually not seen other residents in the mail room, but yesterday, had there been any, they would have seen my delighted reaction to the box in our mailbox. I squealed!

I opened the box to see this green and blue colored box with a card atop. I opened it and as I read the card, tears filled my eyes. It is a gorgeous silver bracelet, engraved never give up. My friend, Juli, reads my blogs and Facebook posts and is very discerning. She saw this bracelet and said, “It was calling your name!”

Suffice it to say, donned immediately,  I feel more empowered. My personal adult mantra has always been never give up – I’m unsure Juli knew that – and in silver I see it when I look down at my wrist.

What’s your personal mantra? Have you received love in the mail? Have you sent love in the mail?



lovely bracelet from Juli

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