Pure and peaceful in the wonderful woods 🌿

From the lake looking up,  I see a hundred trees, and a staircase leading to the house of the family. The squeaking sound of the metal dock, the jet ski, the toolbox, the wall of rock. The sun appeared; air is clear.  There are children swimming everywhere. This peaceful place is an oasis for sure. My gratitude extends to our hosts and Mother Nature.

From snakes to turtles I’ve seen it all: deers, woodpeckers, squirrels and trees so tall. Big, graceful blue heron, playful snakes and a fish!! This is a place of a dream, or a wish. Spending two full days recharges our souls: relaxing, chatting, eating chili in bowls. We blew bubbles at sunset: the iridescent colors abounds!

Playful snakes slither through the rocks then jump into the water then repeat.
Big turtle found something to eat as she swam leisurely around the docks.
Beautiful deer stared at me as I stared at it.

Pure and peaceful in the wonderful woods ~ a gift of friendship, generosity and love in this neighborhood.



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