Amazing postal person

I mailed a package yesterday….easy enough. Choosing the (faster option) “self-service” automated machine, Carole, a postal team member, greeted me. She walked me through every step and click and peel of this transaction. Yes, I’ve used the machine countless times before, in other US places I’ve lived. She was so friendly and helpful, I let her continue.

Then, she peeled off my address label, declaring it didn’t stick too well. She walked me over to another counter, and with her teeth (teeth are not tools!), she “cut” a piece of clear tape and affixed my label back on the box.  Others never do that!

To finish the transaction, I acknowledged her and thanked her for being so nice, friendly and helpful.  I told her, “Today is my lucky day!” She replied, “Then you should buy a lottery ticket…you’ll probably win.” To that I answered, “I already did. I met you.” Carole, with tears welling up in her eyes, gave me a hug.

Kindness matters. Friendliness spreads. Smiles are free. Some people are new in your community…welcome them!



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