Amazing postal person

I mailed a package yesterday….easy enough. Choosing the (faster option) “self-service” automated machine, Carole, a postal team member, greeted me. She walked me through every step and click and peel of this transaction. Yes, I’ve used the machine countless times before, in other US places I’ve lived. She was so friendly and helpful, I let her […]

Boat trip, parts 2 & 3

This boat trip, outing, adventure has been cancelled until further notice. Of course we are disappointed. But, we are serendipity chasers, excitement seekers, NDB creators. So, here’s what we’ve discovered: When plans cancel, find other plans. We found a farmer’s market in a close by city and enjoyed it. We bought fresh meat from a […]

Open-ended questions to ask…

I was reading an article about questions to ask that won’t result in “yes” or “no” answers.  I think they are worth sharing… source Kate Etue. -What made you laugh today? -What has made you feel embarrassed lately? -Can you tell us the best thing about being a part of your family? -What is your biggest fear? […]