Flat bed

Funny story: We’ve bought our Aerobed the night we moved here. We’ve clocked 121 sleeps. It’s offered us comfort, hilarity, and mostly restful sleeps. This is what it looked like when I came home from the gym: HALF FLAT!!


Over the course of the next few hours, it flattened even more. Yes, there was a hole.

Now we have a new one… HUGE shout out to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Jolie, the wonderful team member who assisted us at 9pm, for exchanging ours for a new one.

P.S. We ordered a new foam mattress online last night. Our next hundreds of sleeps will be more consistent, restful and not so post-worthy.

Have you had any funny mattress stories?



Our new one!


Bring on the sunshine!

The weather has finally turned in my favor: it’s sunny! I’ve waited patiently (well, patiently for me) and now I’m rewarded. The sun comes up on the other side of our building, shining on the green trees out our window. It shines upon a hotel in the distance that reminds me of another pink hotel (Sheraton on the Corniche) in a far away place. I’m touched, moved and inspired by the sun and its warmth and gentle invitation to go out and play.

Gotta go….the sunshine is calling me!

Do you love the sun too? What’s your favorite outing in the sunshine?



This is Missouri!
Author loving the sunshine
Sunkissed morning view of nearby hotel.

Amazing postal person

I mailed a package yesterday….easy enough. Choosing the (faster option) “self-service” automated machine, Carole, a postal team member, greeted me. She walked me through every step and click and peel of this transaction. Yes, I’ve used the machine countless times before, in other US places I’ve lived. She was so friendly and helpful, I let her continue.

Then, she peeled off my address label, declaring it didn’t stick too well. She walked me over to another counter, and with her teeth (teeth are not tools!), she “cut” a piece of clear tape and affixed my label back on the box.  Others never do that!

To finish the transaction, I acknowledged her and thanked her for being so nice, friendly and helpful.  I told her, “Today is my lucky day!” She replied, “Then you should buy a lottery ticket…you’ll probably win.” To that I answered, “I already did. I met you.” Carole, with tears welling up in her eyes, gave me a hug.

Kindness matters. Friendliness spreads. Smiles are free. Some people are new in your community…welcome them!



It’s the little things…

A new straightening iron for my hair,

More green trees outside at which to stare.

Costco chicken, pickles and drinks,

The beeping outside makes me think:

It’s the little things in life that mean so much,

The blue sky, the bright sun, a friendly touch.

I miss my friends, the beach, the fun,

Calls and text messages spring my heart up some.

To all my  friends and family too,

I love you dearly; and I miss you.



Boat trip, parts 2 & 3

This boat trip, outing, adventure has been cancelled until further notice. Of course we are disappointed. But, we are serendipity chasers, excitement seekers, NDB creators. So, here’s what we’ve discovered:

When plans cancel, find other plans. We found a farmer’s market in a close by city and enjoyed it. We bought fresh meat from a vendor. I had my hands massaged with dead sea salt mixed with 17 essential oils. We learned that there are these markets in several areas of the county.

No grass grows under our feet!

What do you do when your plans change?



3-part post, part 1

Today begins a 3-part post.

Part 1

Mark and I are taking a boating safety and procedures class today to learn how to (be in a boat) up and down the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. I say be in because I’m unsure, as of this writing, if we are paddling, rowing, relaxing or struggling. More later….Details and photos forthcoming.

Make today great!



Yay for Spring!! 🌷

I’m not in the desert, I’m not on the slopes. I’m in a community where the grass finally grows.

The trees are beginning to look just like trees. With little green smiles opening up into leaves.

The sky wakes me up with a sun kiss in my eyes, and welcomes the new day with all its surprises.

Oh how I love seeing flowers pop up! The colors and textures stirs my heart up.

It’s finally Spring and I’m ready to play. I invite friends who read this to join me someday.

And wherever you are, however you glee….I wish you Happy Spring..be the BEST you can be.



This is my Spring view out my living room window. 🌳

Open-ended questions to ask…

I was reading an article about questions to ask that won’t result in “yes” or “no” answers.  I think they are worth sharing… source Kate Etue.

-What made you laugh today?

-What has made you feel embarrassed lately?

-Can you tell us the best thing about being a part of your family?

-What is your biggest fear?

-What are three things you are feeling grateful for today?

-Which accomplishment are you most proud of?

-What can I do to make you feel more appreciated?

I also like the question, “where have you lived?” Since I’ve moved several times, and I haven’t lived in my birth city for over 30 years, I don’t like the question, “where are you from?” I’m from an adventurous family and I love to explore my world.

What other questions do you like to ask?