Oscar overload 🏆

Well, the Oscars/ Academy Awards show was last night. I wanted to continue the traditions, started in So. Cal with my friend Renee, and more recently in Abu Dhabi with my friend Julie. The problem: no friends yet in my new dorm.  If you know me, you know that didn’t stop me!!

Here’s what I did:

I asked permission to have a party in our Clubhouse. The building agreed and supplied the champagne.

I sewed, cut, created, painted, glued and prepped for a week. The Marketing department created a beautiful sign that I placed in each of the elevators. I set the TV to the correct channel.

Mark and I went down to the party room an hour before to set up and voila, we pulled off an amazing party! Over thirty residents came down and stayed until the end of the broadcast. We even left before the show ended…and two guests stayed on the “Casting Couch.”

How to make friends: When life has an event, throw a party!



Go out, have a good time, take pics!

When you move to a new place, you MUST go out & explore.  I discovered a beautiful university campus a mile from us with a lovely theatre! (We love live theatre!) So, last night we saw a student production of “Heathers” from the fifth row, center. It is a story of three “popular” girls, all named Heather, and their antics. Not to give anything away, but it was lively, musical and colorful.

We had a good time and here’s our pic.



Three (3) features of friendship:

One more shoutout to TRUE FRIENDS:

  1. True friends call you when they are in your city. Thank you, Julie S., for reaching out to me to let me be your personal airport shuttle and guest at your speaking event.
  2. True friends let you copy their party ideas. Thank you, Julie K., for all your ideas and tips for an Oscar party. I’m overjoyed with planning of it all!
  3. True friends lift you up when you’re down….you all know who you are for me…and know the real me and still love me.

Even happy people have un-happy moments/days. The best features of true friends are their presence through all of life. Choose wisely!



Forever Friends!!!

The phenomena of Forever Friends is very real….here’s my example:

  1. I have a friend from elementary school…we still talk, text, see each other when we can, value and treasure our friendship.
  2. I have friends from all the states I’ve lived in (TX, MD, CA, HI) and the one overseas country I lived in (UAE). We stay connected thru social media, email, and mobile phone.
  3. I make a point to see those friends whenever our paths can cross….where ever in the world I am.

Where ever you live, what ever you do, stay connected. Friends are the family you choose… your framily. Make the call, send the text, drive the 10-45 minutes!! It’s so worth it.





Who have you connected with lately?




Exploring enhances everything!

I took a new scenic route today… from home to Mark’s work to a yoga studio. The whole trip was 45 minutes and took me on two new roads. I drove with the  sunroof opened, the windows down, the music on and my heart was soaring! I saw new trees, new roads, new neighborhoods, new shops and then, new people!  (read between the lines: new friends perhaps.)

Exploring my new city enriches me and enhances my outings. Looking for FUN!

What have you explored today?



The day after….

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day. I hope your hearts are filled with love ♥️.

My sweet hubby sent me flowers and my kitchen is a rainbow of color.



Looking at all the love on social media got me thinking: what if everyday was a love day? I declare it now: let’s spread love and kindness everyday! The day after Valentine’s day is the day to begin!!

Love LOVE Love!!!




New award 🏆

‘Tis the season: We have Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, Emmys, and Golden Globes. I declare a new award: FRAMILYS! 🏆 This award goes to the friends who are special and close as family.

Congratulations to my dear friends who win the FRAMILY🏆 award!  They go beyond the call of duty as a friend. They let you live with them. They take you out to brekky,  lunches and dinners. They love you when you’re up and when you’re down. They mail you packages. They talk to you on the phone. They text you. They share good news. They listen while you share your news. They offer help, advice, support and kindness. They play games with you. They welcome you into their family holiday parties. You know who you are.

Who wins your FRAMILY 🏆 award?

Love and hugs and lots of aloha,



Good friends are treasures…like gold.

Family are built-in hand-holders, shoulders on which to cry, support when things go differently.

FRAMILY are the friends you choose to be close as family.

Girl friends are the icing on the cake.

Enjoy this beautiful day! Give thanks to those in your life!!



Take this street!!!

Comforts of overseas

Getting used to being back in the US takes time. I’m driving for the first time in four years. It’s going well, don’t worry!! I even drove in snow! I’m cooking every night. I’ve discovered new dishes and some old favs that keep us enjoying the Empty Nest thing.  I’m trying out yoga studios and looking for trekking friends. The one thing we couldn’t replicate was our favorite coffee (thank you Kristoff), so my Emily found it for us online. It arrived from the UK and we are so happy. Doesn’t take much!!!

What are your comforts?



Thank you www.britishcornershop.co.uk