More to do in the neighborhood

In order to learn my way around, I’ve committed to using a GPS app called “Waze” in the rental car. I can navigate safely to and from home quite nicely. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

There are many stores, carrying necessities to furnish a new apartment: sofas with pillow (American Freight) , arm bands to carry the mobile phone while exercising (Marshalls), towel racks (Elderberry), bedding (Bed, Bath & Beyond), wine (who knew Friar Tuck was a liquor store?) and of course, food (grocery stores Dierberg’s and Schnucks).

There are races for charity, casinos for entertainment, concerts, shows, exercise facilities and ice skating rinks.

Seek and it is found. Scour the neighborhood for FUN and it’s there!

Have you looked for something new and FUN in your neighborhood?



My personal mantra…

It’s all good!

I’ve relaunched (moved to a new city and new apartment), reloaded (bought new furniture and furnishings), and it’s all good.

I’ve seen snow, rain, ice and sunshine all in this week.

I made one friend so far, one that I had coffee with and exchanged phone numbers with.

I’ve discovered some ‘hard-to-find’ foods and some International foods I’ve been craving.

It’s all good. People are friendly and helpful…all over the world.

How are you today?



Asian fresh fish market
me in the snow and rain
chili and sandwich (Gluten Free bread!)
Sweets that brought back childhood memories

Night of snow
Day after the snow
We finally found the elusive Halloumi cheese!
I am grateful for the wide selection of Gluten Free foods
I had to sit in the few minutes of sunshine
new glasses: made from recycled glass, each contains material rom three soda bottles. (

World wide music 🎼

One my favorite internet “things” I’ve discovered is music. I listen to music in French, Portuguese, English and piano. There are several ways to listen and all are free (with commercials) or with subscription. I’m enjoying listening to all genres while puttering about.

Learn something new every day…while having FUN!



P.S. NEW BLOG POST TIME: 10:00am Central every odd day.

A new view ~

A new view for me is tall trees that reach up to the bottom of the sky, pitched and flat rooftops, parked cars of many colors, passing vehicles and birds.  It’s not the desert or the beach, but it’s my new home. I cherish the experiences I’ve had and welcome new ones.

This week starts a new year and a new me. I will seek new opportunities, activities, recipes, inspirations. I will write new articles, blog posts and messages. I will explore under those trees, along the nearby rivers, main street and trails.

New is an invitation. I accept.

How does that land on you?



New view: trees tickle the sky

Happy 2017!

New year, new view.

With my love, who is thoughtful and true.

New adventures await, I can hardly see straight!

My promise is new activities, new friends, cook new meals, explore new places, and live even more fully. Cheers to the new year! May it be a blessed and peaceful one for everyone.