Lessons learned

I’ve lived in our new community for a month. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. There are nice people everywhere!
  2. People drive “funny/crazy/fast” everywhere!
  3. There are fast food restaurants on every street corner.
  4. The grocery stores open at 8am and the retail stores open at 10am.
  5. Car dealers are very helpful when you know exactly what you want.
  6. In a cold climate, own a coat, scarf, gloves and a hat.
  7. Hand-me-overs are wonderful & welcomed.
  8. Love is love is love is love.



It’s like Christmas again! 🎁

Our shipment arrived from Abu Dhabi to St. Charles. There are 32 boxes. Within these boxes is my mom’s wedding dress, our wedding china and crystal, Mark’s Johns Hopkins chair, our two souvenirs from Abu Dhabi (a clock w/ Arabic numerals and a kissing camel mirror), kitchen goodies, and our photos of our high school years and all twenty years of raising our kids.

Opening just one box brought joy, tears, gratitude, finality and friendship.

One down, 31 more to go.



our 32-box shipment

Home sweet home

I traveled 4,110 miles from St Charles, MO to Costa Mesa, CA then to Honolulu, HI. That’s my new favorite number. Why? Because that’s the number of miles it took to see my daughters; to hug them, to kiss them, to enjoy them, to spend quality time with them, to see where and how they live as independent adults. I am so proud of each of them.

Back in my new home with my loving, generous and FUN husband, brings me more joy, peace and gratitude than I can ever express.

Home really is sweet!

Are you enjoying your home today??




Trip day is here!

Today’s the day I go see my girlz…. Oh what FUN: a two-part trip, four planes, two states, across one ocean, four sweet arms to hug. I’m most grateful to Mark for making this happen. I’m grateful to my girlz for welcoming me.

More later! Have an AWESOME day too!



The view is gray, not blue

The sky is gray, not blue. The ice is on the trees too! The ground is wet, my imagination is set, I’m going to make sunshine out of this day yet!

Wherever you are, ENJOY your day!



Good morning, gray skies and icy trees.


Icy tree last night

What to do and see in 63303??

The weather people predict ice, freezing rain and snow….so what is a busy, outgoing person to do? Well, here’s my answer:


I walked for an hour on the treadmill. Chatted with a new friend. Watched people take their dogs out for a walk.









Change the buttons on a sweater:

I had a boring black sweater with boring buttons…now I have a great black sweater with “diamond” buttons.

Watch the rain and be grateful for a warm , cozy home:

I’m making more soup, while drinking fresh coffee, after eating my brekky of home-made granola and popcorn.

Make it a GREAT & FUN day!