Sitting in Dallas,

Moving to St. Charles, MO.,

Thinking of my friends overseas,

Grateful for my family here, there and yonder.

Wishing the whole world PEACE, joy, love, tolerance and balance.

Whatever you celebrate, fill your heart and your soul. Love makes the world go ’round.

From my heart to yours, Season’s Greetings.



Little Adventure 🚀

Little adventure, here we go. To find a home, warm from snow. Our new adventure may take us here. It’s in the States, 12 hours near. New friends, parties & FUN, here we come! Our future is bright, me and my hun.

This blog will take a week’s holiday, to recon, research and pack-a-way. Please revisit here for the updates and photos of NDBs.




Here’s what I know: Our new adventure is starting to take form. We are staying in the USA. We are moving to a colder environment. We are waiting for all the clearances, insurances, rentals to confirm, then we leave Dallas.

The ✨ “Fairies of Generosity” ✨ arrived; and we are the grateful recipients of kitchen hand-me-overs!! Oh Joy!

Both our moms cleaned and cleared out cabinets, cupboards, and closets and WE now have a complete kitchen for our new pad. They are happy and we are ecstatic. Now to make new friends so we can plan dinner parties…

Share, recycle, hand-it-over…



Hand-me-over treasures

Mood boosters

Cute puppies, cuddly babies, chocolate and cozy mittens are great mood boosters. For me, it’s a professional hair cut. I’m very happy with the outcome.

What boosts your mood?



New ‘do cures the blues.

Just what’s needed

In transition? Sometimes, all we need is to talk and see our friends. We need this more than we admit. I am the recipient of this great gift: chats with dear friends at this time of change. Catching up with my girlfriends makes me happy inside and out. My face is sore for smiling and laughing. That’s just what I needed!

Have you spoken with a friend lately? Share your love today!




Shining my light!!

Transition is hard, changes are fun.

Making plans, then they’re gone.

Keeping the smile upon my face,

Until I live in a brand new place.

Let’s stick together!!




Reunions, Reconnections, Relationships

Over the past few weeks, I have reconnected with high school friends, college friends, my husband’s med school classmate and his lovely wife, and cousins I haven’t seen in 20+ years. Through social media, we share our lives, but it’s the personal connections (hugs, laughs, shared stories) that are the juicy glue that hold it all together.




Cheers to NEW!

In keeping with the theme of this blog, I celebrate change, growth, adventure, and friendships.

Wishing my former “home” a very HAPPY 45th National Day!!











I enjoyed three National Day celebrations from our gorgeous home on the Corniche. My friends, from the dorm, shared videos and photos of the air show this morning. I am most grateful to have had those air shows from our windows as well. Enjoy all the celebrations, friends!

Wishing myself & my Mark happy new adventures! To infinity and beyond!! Details forthcoming….