Last day of October…brings cheers

Last day of October, welcome Fall, y’all. ¬†Ghosts and goblins cross the street looking for candy. I’m packing my last suitcase to repatriate. Saying “so long” is so yucky. I say, “cheers!” to fun, friends and framily I have in the UAE. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful, caring people in my life. Aloha, […]

Why add yoga to your day?

Why vinyasa yoga? 1. Vinyasa yoga addresses the stiff culture we live in. The Western world has become a seated society, which is why vinyasa yoga is so important: its orientation is breath and movement, and research shows that increased movement in a seated society is absolutely essential for health. Vinyasa yoga gets us moving. […]

Reflections, thoughts and prose 🇦🇪

As I stand along the street, So many people do my eyes meet. Some with bags, some without, Some with smiles, some with pouts. The cars go by, some honk a bit, The whirring sound on city street. The fragrance enters my nose, Hard-working people and food arose. This city-life is certainly a treat, It’s […]

New, Old and Same me

My repatriation began yesterday¬†with my announcement that we’re leaving the UAE🇦🇪 . Sunday (in two days’ time) the packers/movers come. Over the next 10-15 days, we will sofa surf, spending time w/ our dear friends, say “so long,” and tie up loose ends. I’ve had an AMAZING time here, in Abu Dhabi, and met extraordinary […]

New adventures, new friends. Old friends come too!

As we begin our repatriation process, I am reminded of the amazing journey I’ve experienced here over the past four years. I’ve met some absolutely extraordinary people, who have enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined. I’ve done countless NDBs, eaten wild & crazy foods, jumped, swam, floated, swung (?), zipped, paddled […]