Communication is key!

Whether you use the internet (uh, who doesn’t?) or write letters (uh, who does?), we communicate with our community for business and pleasure.


Which ever method you choose, it’s key to keep in touch with people. I’ve recently gone through all of my photos on my computer and my mobile phone (to clear up space, if the truth be told) and re-lived some really joyful times. I love that I have such a playful and culturally diverse life. I have amazing friends from all over the world; and we do really cool things. The one constant I have is my Mark….he’s been by my side for almost 39 years, and we have had so much fun living and exploring.

When I meet new people, I’m always happy when our lives connect and if we (them or us) relocate, I’m happy to reconnect and revisit them. Wherever we go, we have friends to visit.

I welcome communication! How do you keep in touch with people?



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