Blessed, Grateful, Packed and Ready

Reflection: I am very blessed. I have a great family, wonderful friends and an amazing, generous husband (of 31 years). I live in the city of an interesting and rapidly changing and growing country. Life is really good. Then, there’s the not so good parts. I won’t write about that, because it will give those […]

Reflect and recalculate

I reflect on my last year, month, weekend. Are you creating the life you love? Are you living to your fullest? Recalculate goals, living spaces, experiences in the next year, month, week. We will never have this time again, so we must make it great. We are getting older, wiser, better, stronger and more creative. I have […]

Happy Weekend!

The sun is out, the sky is clear. Oh boy, lots of people are getting out of here. It’s a holiday week, so buckle up. The weekend’s just starting, so let’s go have FUN! This weekend kicks off the Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha (more details at ) The BEST part of living my […]

Bye August….Hello September, Fall, FUN 🍂

What a lovely summer we had here, in Abu Dhabi: sun, 🌞eats, 🍣 friends,🙋🏼 Olympics,🏊🏽 beach, ⛵️ and FUN 🎉.                   Now, we welcome September, Fall, FUN. Schools and Universities begin and learning awaits. Make new goals and achieve new milestones.             […]