3 Cheery thoughts 😊

  1. “Sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith” Margaret Shepard.
  2. Union and freedom go together like onion rings and French fries.
  3. Share yourself: who you are, what you’ve been through, what you’ve done. You are a ROCK STAR!

Have a super awesome day. Share this with a friend.



embrace the struggle

Sharing some GF goodness

As a happy expat, there are a few unwritten rules and roles:

  1.  Always share where you found great stuff (from our home countries or things we have found to be great).

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2.  When there is an event, share it!










3.  Whenever you find GLUTEN FREE foods, share share share!

Gluten Free Cheerios (available at Geant in Yas Mall & Lulu in Mushrif Mall)
Gluten Free Cheerios (available at Geant in Yas Mall & Lulu in Mushrif Mall)




Say nice things to yourself!

“Positive self-talk is an integral part of confidence and success. Often, reaching that next level in sport is simply a matter of believing you can. More than 66,000 thoughts float through our minds on a daily basis. Imagine the energy you could harness by making most of those thoughts self-affirming and positive! Before a challenging run or race, create a powerful affirmation that you can focus on when you find yourself with fear, doubts or insecurities. “I can do this” or “I am strong on the hills” are phrases you can repeat to yourself throughout your key workouts to build confidence in your abilities….” Shape Magazine

You are terrific! I am terrific!

Are you telling yourself this daily!?



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Life after the Olympics

Now that the 2016 Rio Olympics are complete, what’s there to watch? Kudos, congratulations and “Atta Girl” to all the winners, competitors and teams!! It took several villages to get them there and they should ALL be proud and pleased. I enjoyed watching the games, learning about new sports (Rugby, Kickboxing, Handball) and getting together with friends to watch. The games bring people together. The thrills of victory and the sportsmanship of competitors entertain us and melt our hearts. I hope the world knows a little more peace and kindness after these two weeks. Many classy athletes displayed the true colors of the Olympics.

Now, what excuse will we have to get together, watch the big screen, eat yummies and laugh?



Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.46.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.46.23 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.46.48 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 8.51.29 AM

3 things to make you smile….

  1. I am going to stand outside.
    So if anyone asks, I’m outstanding.
  2. I’m expecting….. another hot day here in Abu Dhabi.
  3. When you’re in the line at the airport for the scan and the buzzer goes off, consider that good…they see your abs of steel.

Credit for funnies to my friends Karen, Susannah and Laschan.

Go out and SMILE today! Remember, a smile is the best curve on your body! Share some other funnies with me.



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3 things to do when you find a wallet

I found a man’s black leather wallet on the ground, near a truck. I looked around, for someone in a dizzy-state looking for it. No one was around.

  1. I picked up the wallet, ran into the car dealership, whose glass windows faced the truck & lost wallet, none of the employees would acknowledge me or my question, “Did you see anyone in this truck or anyone who lost a wallet?” My intention was to ask for a name (I had already glanced in the wallet to look for the owner’s name) and return it.
  2. I called the police.
  3. I waited, albeit panicky, for the owner to show up. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, but was only minutes, the owner arrived. I asked him his name. When he said the name on all the credit cards and license in the wallet, I handed it to him. He smiled, but was not outwardly relieved or overjoyed. I would have screamed with delight. Note to self: difference between men and women.

A happy ending to the wallet story and a concise list of what to do if it happens to you.



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Have FUN, be silly!!

In the big picture, those who have the most FUN, are the silliest, stay the healthiest are the WEIRD ones. Yes, it’s true! People who “let their hair down” and sing, laugh, dance and SMILE have the best lives! I should know! 😜

Notice how many people around you seem happy &  healthy. Are they smiling? Singing when a good song comes on the radio? Dancing when they think no one’s watching? Follow their lead….

Make it an amazingly FUN and silly Monday!



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