Framily (friends you choose as family) while you’re an expat

Sharing meals, parties, stories, and beach days are the best part of expat life. Of course there are struggles, heartaches and unknowns… That’s when it is great to surround yourself with framily. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: friends are the family you choose when you’re away from traditional family. I have chosen […]

Solar Impulse 2 lands in Abu Dhabi

I heard about this adventure when it began and have followed it, with great interest, to its completion yesterday. I also created a miracle around it….I wanted to see the plane. I declared that I wanted to see it (in person) aloud = public authenticity. I made a promise I didn’t know how I’d keep. […]

New friends in, established friends out…

As is the life of an expat, I said, “Hi! Nice to meet you!!” yesterday to new friends Sulaiman and Ghanwa.  They moved here in May and are learning the proverbial ropes of our adopted home. We shared, over coffee, our experiences, our favorite places and lessons we’ve learned. They shared too. Then, later in […]

Just ask!

When you can’t reach something in the cupboard, just ask! When you need directions, just ask! When you need help, ASK!! There’s no shame in asking for help!!! I need to remind myself of that, for sure. I saw Brené Brown’s presentation on Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions ( ) and it was brilliant! When I […]