According to Wikipedia, Thirty-one is the third Mersenne prime (25 − 1)[1] as well as the fourth primorial prime, and together with twenty-nine, another primorial prime, it comprises a twin prime. As a Mersenne prime, 31 is related to the perfect number 496, since 496 = 2(5 − 1)(25 − 1). 31 is the eighth Mersenne prime exponent. 31 is also the 4th lucky prime[2] and the 11th supersingular prime.[3]  And […]


exposure noun (EXPERIENCE) From the Cambridge online dictionary:  the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place. The expat life affords us exposures everyday in many ways. Here’s my top 10 : 1. exposure to new foods (too many to list) 2. exposure to new friends 3. exposure to different music 4. exposure […]

Funny, sad, reflections

Funny: watching a man honk at two pigeons who are in his parking spot. Sad: hearing the news of shootings in schools, bars, countries, alligator attack, sickness and hunger. Reflections: gratitude for my husband, our lovely, happy & healthy children, my “framily” (the family we’ve created from our friends… expat life bonus), the stunning sunsets and belly […]

Life is a special occasion….Live out loud!

As you wake up, get dressed, begin your day, remember the plan: You are amazing. You are GREAT! You are capable of GREAT things. Plan your day and live that plan. As I looked up inside the tree, I saw dates… tons of ripe and ready dates. They are ready for picking and enjoying. YOU […]

Eight (8) things happy people do ~

Eight (8) things happy people do: NOTE: This was sent to me via Facebook; initial author unknown. Express gratitude: never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have. Be grateful. Savor life’s joys: the real beauty of life is in each precious moment… stop and smell the roses. Commit to […]