Spread PEACE & LOVE ☮ ♡

What’s happening in our world makes me stop and think.

People are angry, sad, incomplete.

Please stop the violence, blood shed and tears.

Find peace, happiness respect and cheers.

Our children deserve a better world ~

To grow up in and welcome theirs.

If we cannot stop the violence and rage,

What will we become? A sad, bitter empty page in a history book, not yet written, with no one to read it.

Be grateful, be full, live your best life each day.

Say, “good-bye” to the haters and just walk away.

Peace on Earth!!



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Hard on the heart

Saying “so long” again….to Monica and Samia this week, a few more in the coming months. To me, that is the worst part of this expat life: it’s hard on the heart.

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We have this wonderful life, surrounded by beauty, great food, different cultures, some art, music and shopping. We all know that we are here for a finite time, but that doesn’t make the “good-byes” any easier to do, say or feel.

Whether you are repatriating or moving on to another wonderful country and adventure, I wish you well and a hui hou, Hawaiian for “until we meet again.”

If we hadn’t met, I would be sadder. I’m blessed to have had you in my life.

I share this article because it explains what I cannot.




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Clue for today:

To ensure today is GREAT, follow this recipe:

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P.S. Sending a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to my BFFSTG, Robin!!! 🎼🎉




According to Wikipedia, Thirty-one is the third Mersenne prime (25 − 1)[1] as well as the fourth primorial prime, and together with twenty-nine, another primorial prime, it comprises a twin prime. As a Mersenne prime, 31 is related to the perfect number 496, since 496 = 2(5 − 1)(25 − 1). 31 is the eighth Mersenne prime exponent. 31 is also the 4th lucky prime[2] and the 11th supersingular prime.[3]  And so on…..

According to me, thirty-one years ago I made the best choice EVER, when I stood on a pulpit, in front of 285 friends and family and said, “I do” facing my high school sweetheart. Surrounded by love and lots of purple flowers, we began our adventurous life together.

Everyday has been nothing short of “Whoa!” I have loved this ride called “married life”; and I look forward to thirty-one more happy, healthy and FUN years together.

From Dallas, TX to Temple, TX to Baltimore, MD to La Habra Heights, CA to Honolulu, HI to Abu Dhabi, UAE, I’ve loved you more everyday. Thank you for making these past thirty-one years great ones! Happy ❤️ Anniversary, Mark Schnitzer.



Denise & Mark's wedding photo June 23, 1985
Denise & Mark’s wedding photo June 23, 1985


Happy International Yoga Day!!

I  💜 Yoga!!

Crow on the roof
Standing bow in the library at St. Regis, Saadiyat
Standing bow on the roof
balancing pose on a SUP in Arabian Gulf
Mermaid pose on the bow of a yacht in the Arabian Gulf
Standing bow on the bow of a yacht in the Arabian Gulf
Intl yoga day trees
Yoga class on International Yoga Day, June 21, 2016, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Crow on the roof
Crow on the roof


yoga pose: crow
Crow in the study
Denise Bow Pose in Jordan April 2016
Standing bow in Petra, Jordan





  • exposure noun (EXPERIENCE)

From the Cambridge online dictionary:  the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place.
The expat life affords us exposures everyday in many ways. Here’s my top 10 :
1. exposure to new foods (too many to list)
2. exposure to new friends
3. exposure to different music
4. exposure to different movie genres (Hindi, Arabic, USA)
5. exposure to so many different cultures
6. exposure to different fashion styles (more conservative)
7. exposure to new hobbies (mahjong, Film Club, Champagne Club)
8. exposure to new sports (cricket, kite-boarding)
9. exposure to traditions (Ramadan, Iftar, Eid, prayer times)
10. exposure to new vacation spots (Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Petra, Hatta, Dibba, Dubai)
Go out and explore your world! Make it a great day!
P.S. Happy Father’s Day
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Funny, sad, reflections

Funny: watching a man honk at two pigeons who are in his parking spot.

Sad: hearing the news of shootings in schools, bars, countries, alligator attack, sickness and hunger.

Reflections: gratitude for my husband, our lovely, happy & healthy children, my “framily” (the family we’ve created from our friends… expat life bonus), the stunning sunsets and belly laughs and dinner table conversations.

I am grateful. I am blessed. I am happy.



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Live your happy life!

I celebrate with friends. I prepare special treats.

We laugh, we sing, we dance, we eat.

I walk in the city. I meet up with friends.

Our time here as expats, sadly must end.

Gentle reminders: Have FUN everyday!! Make the most of every connection and interaction you have. The days are long, but the years are short. Make the most of everything.

I wish all my repatriating friends “a hui hou” (until we meet again) and safe and happy travels. This time of year, I say that a lot. If I hadn’t chosen this expat life, I would not have had the great fortunate to meet them. I’m grateful and blessed and heart-broken all at the same time.



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Life is a special occasion….Live out loud!

As you wake up, get dressed, begin your day, remember the plan: You are amazing. You are GREAT! You are capable of GREAT things. Plan your day and live that plan.

As I looked up inside the tree, I saw dates… tons of ripe and ready dates. They are ready for picking and enjoying.

YOU are ready to enjoy life, seize the day and show the world what you’ve got!

Go out and make this an extraordinary day!



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Eight (8) things happy people do ~

Eight (8) things happy people do:

NOTE: This was sent to me via Facebook; initial author unknown.

  1. Express gratitude: never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have. Be grateful.
  2. Savor life’s joys: the real beauty of life is in each precious moment… stop and smell the roses.
  3. Commit to your dreams: most people who fail at reaching their dream fail not from a lack of ability, but from a lack of commitment. Never Give Up.
  4. Cultivate optimism & stay positive. When it rains look for rainbows; when it’s dark look for stars.
  5. Stop over thinking: thinking too much only complicates your life and creates a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.
  6. Avoid social comparison: most of our insecurities come from comparing our behind-the-scenes, with other people’s highlight reel.
  7. Increase flow experiences: flow is a state where you are so focused, it feels like time stands still doing what you love; and challenging yourself is how you get there.
  8. Nurture your relationships: the happiest people alive have deep, meaningful relationships. Nurture them and watch them grow~ starting right now.

Stay happy, grateful, joyful and have FUN!



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