1000 blog posts!!!!

What started out as tips and tricks, news and views has become 1000 (one thousand) blog posts from my experiences as a global citizen. Living and learning on Oahu, Hawaii and Abu Dhabi fueled my prose and my willingness to share what I experience. I have enjoyed this journey….

Cheers to you, the readers. I hope you’ve learned some things, been inspired, realized your own goals within my words and experienced joy & happiness on a daily basis. I offer 1000 thanks!

I’m launching a new readership this month too….good things are happening!

Cheers to me, for honoring my commitment, staying in integrity, and making lemons out of some lemonade along the way.

Cheers to WordPress for making this platform available to so many with so much to share.

Cheers to more FUN!!!!

With lots of love, shukran and aloha,


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There’s always a plan…

For the past weeks, I’ve been job hunting… quite unsuccessfully. I want a job where I can use my skills, my creativity, my sense of adventure and maybe even my Spanish and French languages. I’ve been a full-time mom for the past twenty years and now I want to turn those organizational and leadership skills into a larger contribution.

I’m sure there’s a plan…there’s always a plan. Every “no” leads to a “yes” in time. I have learned so much about my home country and this region and the culture, that I’m sure when the right time comes, I’ll be in the right place. This exercise has taught me so much and strengthened my resolve. Besides, the journey has been outstanding!

Today’s tip: never give up.  Keep sending out CVs; keep talking to people; keep a positive attitude.


embrace the struggle everything happens... this too shall pass

Enjoying the coffee culture ☕️

Sitting at the table, I catch up in my tech world. Next to me a couple chats in lively French, with scattered laughter, over a brownie a la mode and espresso.

At the next table, the beautiful covered woman smiles through the Arabic conversation with her companion. From my vantage point, the convo is going quite well as the cappuccino arrive.

In front of me, the Emirati man studies his mobile as he awaits his lunch.

Then I busy myself in American English with my seat-mate.

What a lovely melting pot of languages, people and cultures. One of the many pleasures of living in this region.



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Have FUN everyday!!

Go out and have FUN~

Make today count.

Tell everyone you love~

how you feel, just shout!

The days tick away~

there’s no second chance.

So be kind, grateful and generous~

It’s a wonderful life ahead of us!



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Three (3) ways to BE a friend:

I was the lucky one to celebrate three friendships yesterday.  Here are my three tips for celebrating:

  1. Be generous ~ choose wonderful people (or a person) to share the day with.
  2. Be grateful ~ enjoy the blessings of friendship, a cold glass of iced tea, a lovely restaurant, delicious food.
  3. Be classy ~ just be classy!

As I celebrated with three friends in separate places, I was reminded of how lucky I am. My friends are classy, grateful, wise, charming, inspiring and lovely. I enjoyed the generosity of the day and the gifts my friends are to me.

Celebrate you, your friends and all life’s joys!!



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A welcoming word

When you greet someone, you say, “Hello!” or “Hola!” or “Howdy!” Here, we say, “Marhaba!” That’s Arabic for hello.

As a reminder, say hello to people you meet today. In your language, or theirs. And add a smile.

You’re off to a great day!



as I walk in, I say, "Marhaba!" Arabic for hello.
as I walk in, I say, “Marhaba!” Arabic for hello.

Clear sights for sites

Eighteen years ago, I had Lasik surgery on my eyes and I’ve seen clearly (distance) since the next morning. I remember hosting a dinner party the night of the procedure! My baby was two, my toddler was four and I enjoyed a hustle-bustle life. I remember this today as I look out on the blue skies, tall buildings, cars, busses and trucks zooming by. I am most grateful to Mark, my eye surgeon and the geniuses who discovered this procedure. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful and aware.

BE grateful!!!



inhale love, exhale gratitude

A peek at my day…

32 bus, I took my seat, next to a woman, covered, didn’t speak.

Two more women sat in front of us, that’s the configuration of the bus.

They eyed each other, no vocalization, then all of a sudden, a conversation!!

They exchanged a dialect, a language, then some giggles. At the next stop, one of them exited, I await, they only wriggled.

Quiet again, the two don’t speak, I restart my podcast, loving what I have seen.

Fast forward a few hours…

Hot day, playground, one little girl. Covered nanny from a different world.

Sheltered from sun, street & cars, the little girl toddles past the horse and the bars.

She lifts her up, high up to top, of the silver and wood slide, so she goes down, not up.

The toddler seems happy, delighted even. Then she catches my eye and smiles, two teeth revealing.

I soak up more sun till it’s time to move on. A happy wave good-bye to the pair, and I’m gone.

My life in this country fills me with delight. I enjoy the people, the food and the sites. I walk or bus wherever I go, sometimes taxi if it’s necessary, or so…

On my adventure today, many things. I made a short list, as my memory fades. Drop off this,  do that and some more. Back on the bus to head home & the man I adore.



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