76 km, 6 friends, 3 nights, hundreds of giggles

Last week I embarked on a FUN journey: I trekked from an eco-camp in Wadi Dana, along the great Rift Valley, with some new and old friends, celebrating one friend’s milestone birthday. After a lovely dinner, watching the sunset, singing the first of our 40 “happy birthday” songs, and sleeping in a chalet, we set off along the beautiful terrain.

Happy Birthday Kelli!
Happy Birthday Kelli!

IMG_3451 IMG_3453

The next morning, we set out on our hike/trek: boots on, poles in hand, hat, sunscreen, snacks, water on. The terrain varied from rocks, sand, gravel, black top, and grass. We went uphill both ways, downhill both ways and flat for some of the way.  A scavenger list made the walking extra fun. We also promised to do a NDB daily!

sunrise over the mountains


we trekked up this mountain range...
we trekked up this mountain range…
sunset behind the mountains
the gorgeous terrain

We saw goats, sheep, shepherds, Bedouin camps, caves and people.

We walked for several hours then stopped for lunch in the shade (shadow as it’s called). Our guide made a fire and fresh hot tea at every meal. Then we rested, napped, chatted and of course, laughed.

Upon arriving at our campsites late in each afternoon, we put our sleeping bags in our tents (we were four to one tent, and the married couple in the other.) We gathered on the eating area mat and did a yoga class, focusing on stretching out our hard-working muscles.

I am most grateful for the friends, memories and my healthy body.




Trekking I go!

What better way to make new friends and celebrate a coming-of-age birthday (40) than to go on a trek trip?! Poles,  Camelbak (for water),  Hiking boots, Camera, check. I’m ready to go and excited for the adventure with some dear friends and two new friends.

We will explore the scenery, sleep in an eco-camp, live among the Bedouins and have lots of FUN!

Stay tuned…real stories and photos to come.

Y’all have FUN too!




New friends, more FUN!

Another FUN fact about expat living: you can create groups of friends and make up your own rules…whenever you want!

Celebrating is fundamental. We celebrated one of our expat friends’ birthday by eating lunch at her favorite Indian restaurant. We shared her meal choices, her meal, and her enthusiasm for the day.  I learned about new food choices and a delicious sweet fruit drink and a tea made from a tree. After lunch, we bought some make-up by a company called “Forever 52” in her honor…we’re all forever 52.

I introduced three women I know (from my daughter’s school here, a walking group and my high school) to each other, because I love them all; and I knew they had common interests. Turns out, I was spot on and we had our second “get together.” We even added one new friend and the wheels were turning! We all had so much fun playing the “do you know?” game, eating yummies, laughing and even dancing to our favorite Zumba songs.

Being a happy expat includes embracing your curiosity and friendliness. To make this great, fleeting life so much richer you must smile, say, “Hello,” and make and follow-through with plans. It’s joyful when you do it with friends.

Today’s tip: make friends, make plans & make FUN!!



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