Walking and singing 🎶

As I clock in the steps, shooting for 10k daily, I sing to the music I’ve chosen. The cadence I’ve selected keeps me moving, motivated and melodic. People stare, some smile, most ignore me. Then I reach my destination, unplug, drink water and enter.

Plug in again, return home…walking and singing. I check my steps as I turn out the light, pleased, click off the phone.

I am grateful for my boots, my music, my health. What are you grateful for?




My thoughts in stanzas ~

Blue skies, shining on me.

Looking out the window, that’s what I see.

Stately buildings, flapping birds,

I’m so grateful for this world.

I pray for peace, love, no fear.

For I know the Universe will hear.

Live our lives, loud and proud!

It’s a short time for this here and now.



today is a blessing

Wednesday gratitude practice 🌷

For the month, I will create a written gratitude practice. I invite you to join me. I will write down (or type) three to five things I’m grateful for (for the day or week).

  1. The recent rains cleaned off the streets, buildings and plants leaving my city clean and healthy looking.
  2. I had coffee with five friends yesterday and we told stories, laughed, cried and ate yummies.
  3. I committed to another girls trip of trekking, laughing and eco-camping.

Charles Dickens puts this well: “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many, not your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

I am grateful. I request you to jot down some gratitudes too.



live gratitude

What to do???

What’s for dinner?

Where shall I go on vacation?

Should I cut my hair?

Should I take that job?

Oh, what to do???

These questions may plague you, pester you, annoy you or serve you. When they arise, ask yourself this: will I be happy, healthy and have FUN if I do __________? Then you will find the answer from within. YOU choose your own happiness. YOU choose what makes your heart sing. YOU are your best guide.



Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.21.59 AM

A royal beauty…🌹

Along another long walk, we darted into this old, art-deco, palatial, Baroque-inspired luxury 5-star hotel. Turns out, it’s our neighbor, also located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Its exterior hints to a 17th century French palace. Its interior is equally opulent, with walls overlaid in intricate gold-leaf designs and accented with ornate chandeliers. We enjoyed sitting in the gold-ish lobby, watching the people and taking in the scenery.

There are many hidden treasures in our city….this, to me, is one of them.

What have you discovered lately?



Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.17.30 PM

🐦Birds, ✈️planes, 🙋🏼acrobats flying over head!

Over the weekend, in Abu Dhabi, we enjoyed the kick off to the annual Red Bull Air Show along the Corniche. Pilots, cool airplanes, pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf, good friends and you’ve got a wonderful day.

According to the website {www.redbullrace.com}: The propeller-driven machines are highly maneuverable, pulling up into a vertical orientation at high speed with very little effort – something that even modern fighter jets can’t match.

We were fortunate to go to two viewing parties (in our former apartment building) overlooking the water and the race. We watched as the planes weaved in and out of the inflatable pylons, which have been improved for this year’s races, climb up to 150-200 meters in the sky, and zoom through two race laps to achieve their best time.

During the interval, there were acrobats ON TOP OF A PLANE doing hand-stands, wide-straddle hand-stands and other exciting maneuvers while the bi-plane zipped thru the sky for our entertainment. We always have FUN!

How was your weekend?



plane flying up

IMG_2656 IMG_2655