Walking and singing 🎶

As I clock in the steps, shooting for 10k daily, I sing to the music I’ve chosen. The cadence I’ve selected keeps me moving, motivated and melodic. People stare, some smile, most ignore me. Then I reach my destination, unplug, drink water and enter. Plug in again, return home…walking and singing. I check my steps […]

A royal beauty…🌹

Along another long walk, we darted into this old, art-deco, palatial, Baroque-inspired luxury 5-star hotel. Turns out, it’s our neighbor, also located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Its exterior hints to a 17th century French palace. Its interior is equally opulent, with walls overlaid in intricate gold-leaf designs and accented with ornate chandeliers. We enjoyed […]

🐦Birds, ✈️planes, 🙋🏼acrobats flying over head!

Over the weekend, in Abu Dhabi, we enjoyed the kick off to the annual Red Bull Air Show along the Corniche. Pilots, cool airplanes, pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf, good friends and you’ve got a wonderful day. According to the website {www.redbullrace.com}: The propeller-driven machines are highly maneuverable, pulling up into a vertical orientation […]