Last day challenge….

I accidentally posted two blog posts on the 29th…my apologies.

Today, I have a challenge: what will you create for February? There is an extra day, as it’s a leap year,  A leap year occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year, or the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit about the sun, which is about 365¼ days. (wiki). So, you have an extra day to create something epic. What will you create?

My challenge: 29 NDBs (never done before) and document them.

Please share with me and your community. Keep your friends close and in-the-know.

Happy end of January! Thank you for sharing this ride with me.



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Clouds, breeze & sunshine

Some are shoveling snow, while others brave the rain. For me in Abu Dhabi, the sun, even when it’s mixed with clouds and wind, is my winter. Yoga on the beach, under the gentle, puffy clouds and cool breeze begins my day. Sunshine on my cheeks ends my day.

Stay warm friends! What’s your favorite part of Winter???



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Are you lucky?

I am!

I have amazing friends who are FUN, generous, joyful.

Tip: surround yourself with joyful friends and everyday will be FUN, happy, productive and great.

Are you surrounding yourself with great friends???

Today’s NOTE: Thank you, Julie and Michelle.





Believe, don’t settle

I believe good things are going to happen. I’m certain that optimism and positive thinking play a role in our days. When our plans are derailed, we must get back on track. Yes, I’m speaking of personal experience. Spin the situation: find good in everything. Accept change. Embrace challenges. Chin up, there’s always a silver lining (yes, I’m a Libra), and another viewpoint.

Never give up.

Believe in the good in the world.

How do you spin a situation?



believe.. don't settle

Haiku Monday


January here:

Crisp morning, sunshine, no snow.

Stay warm, East Coasters!



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Fun Friday yields Sleepy Saturday

We went out with friends last night for oysters.

We talked and laughed and told stories.

We ate oysters.

Today, we slept until 11:00am.

I love how Fun Fridays turn into sleepy Saturdays. I am grateful.

How is your weekend?



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Three (3) tips for Thursday:

  1. In the haste of life, remember to stop and smell the proverbial roses: Whatever is around you that reminds you to breathe, reflect and appreciate. For me, that’s beach yoga and quality time with special people.
  2. Enjoy your REAL friends! See a movie, laugh, take a long walk, eat popcorn and chocolate. 😉
  3. Grab every opportunity that presents itself ~ it may open doors you are unaware of now.

Have a most excellent Thursday!



enjoy little things..someday big


Terrific Tuesday! 🌅

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Open your eyes, throw the bed covers off! It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

Enjoy your hot drink, coffee or tea! It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

Get your body moving! It’s Terrific Tuesday!

Greet your friends, neighbors and workers with a smile! It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

Breathe deeply and let gratitude wash all over you. It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

Share love, spread love, be love. It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

Do the best you can! It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

HAVE FUN TODAY! It’s a Terrific Tuesday!



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No more teenagers!

Our youngest daughter turned 20 yesterday. Our eldest daughter is 21. They are both intelligent, talented, charming and the absolute joys of my life. My one burning question: where did the time go???  I don’t have any teenagers anymore!

Life is grand! Cheers to growing up daughters!!! I’m so glad I didn’t get any older. (wink wink)



be happy...dream big...etc

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Many changes around my life,

I’m so happy to be the wife.

Our sofa is gone, the carpets too,

My mixed emotions of bliss and blue.

Gratitude fills my heart up,

My friends add smiles to my loving cup.

Pizza, grape, desserts with them,

Leave lasting memories within.

We’re only moving a few blocks away,

But some of them chose not to stay.

That’s the hard part for this expat,

All the changes & “so longs”, and that…

The ch ch ch changes come with this life,

It’s an element of being an expat wife.

Kiss your friends! Kiss your kids! Kiss your spouse!! HAVE FUN EVERYDAY!



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RIP David Bowie