The day after ~ part 2

The weekend I’ve been working hard to accomplish is now in the Chez Schnitzer History book.  Our Thanksgiving dinner was a success: great food (18kg //40lbs of turkey), potatoes, cabbage, quiche, artichoke salad, cranberries, infused water, PIES, laughs, stories, gratitude-around-the-table and love.

Our house guests had fun and met many great people. They can forward their action in their new community and the region.

Our girls had fun too, spending time with family, and with me on What’s App.

Now the flat is clean, laundry is done, the last of the turkey has “lunch” written all over it, and my heart is full.

To my Mark: thank you for everything, every minute of every day! You make my heart sing! I’m so thankful for you.

Happy Happy everyone….here comes the Winter holidays….



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The day after…part 1

Today is the day after American Thanksgiving. It was GREAT! Great food, great friends, great stories and shares, great memories made.

Part 2 comes after Beats on the Beach, Formula 1 and National Day. Stay tuned.

Have a most excellent day! Be happy!



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Three (3) happy wishes:

I have three happy wishes for today:

  1. I wish my Tara “happy travels” as she goes across the country to spend the weekend with our family.
  2. I wish my Emily “happy family time” as she enjoys preparing a big meal with her boyfriend and his family.
  3. I wish ALL my friends and family a very HAPPY, PEACEFUL, HEALTHY & DELICIOUS THANKSGIVING!



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Gearing up for FUN!

As we near the end of the year, FUN is in the air.

There is the Yasalam Fun Zone at Assembly Point #1 along the Corniche. Food trucks, beanbag chairs, an iron paradise, music and cars make up the lively FUN.

Yasalam 2015





Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s a time dedicated to gratitude, food, family and FUN.

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National Day is two weeks away so get out your flags and spirit as we all celebrate the UAE’s 44th year as a nation. There will be so much FUN along the Corniche, I can’t wait to see and report on it.

photo from Google
photo from Google


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Moving into the Winter holidays and New Year’s Eve….we count down 2015. It is a great time to reflect on the past year and make plans and goals for the year ahead.

Whatever you do, I wish you a happy, healthy and FUN Winter season. Tips for the day: HAVE FUN doing whatever you do, and choose happiness, always.



life is short - choose happiness


Three (3) things to do this weekend:

  1. Go to Warehouse 421 at Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi to see all the fantastic photos, displays, and antiques from Sheikh Zayed’s history.
  2. Go to YasSalem, along the Corniche in Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Fan Zone celebrating the Formula 1 race that takes place next week.
  3. Hug and celebrate your friends. They are the ones who love you, enrich you and teach you.

Have a most excellent weekend! Are you planning some FUN now???



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Three (3) wishes for you today:

  1. Wishing you happiness, prosperity, and good health beyond your wildest dreams.
  2. Wishing you abundance.
  3. Wishing you great energy to accomplish all your goals.

Happy Friday the 13th….a very good day.



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80 amazing years!

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Today in Texas (yesterday from here) a very special lady celebrates her 80th birthday. She is the wife of Hank, for 59 years. She’s the mom of Denise and David (we’re in our 50s). She bid her brother “safe passage” last week ~ they were 14 months apart in age. She’s a sister-in-law, a grandmother, an aunt, a friend and the hardest working woman I know. She’s my Mom.

I wish for her the stars and the moon; bright sunshine and gentle breezes. She loves good food and great wine, I wish her those and more. She loves her neighbors and her friends, but she dotes on her family most.

Of all the things I love about my mom…well, there’s not just one thing….it’s how she loves life and lives it to its fullest. She’s a travel bug, and has been on each of the seven continents. She’s wise, generous, talented, loving and true.

May you have a splendid, delicious, FUN and HAPPY🎉 BIRTHDAY, Mom!! May all your dreams come true!!✨ I love you!



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