Six (6) Tips for Travelers:

If you’re planning a visit to the lovely UAE, here’s some tips:

  1. Plan your trip between October – March as the weather is glorious and the beaches are pristine.
  2. Join my beach yoga class: you’ll enjoy the gorgeous beach, views, soulful postures, empowering music and extraordinary classmates.
  3. Taste everything: there are over 100 different nationalities represented here as expats and we all cook great food! Take a picnic to the beach!
  4. Tour everything!
  5. Enjoy the beaches at sunrise and sunset. It’s magical.
  6. Talk to people….learn about them and make new friends.

I met a woman two weeks ago, (I offered to take her photo in front of the ocean) from Barcelona, who swam every morning on my beach. She’s returning today to  Europe. I’m happy I met her and I hope our paths cross again in the world. If not, then I’m fortunate for having met her. She loved it here!

Happy travels!



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