Taking baby steps

You know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Neither are our dreams.  We must take baby steps, realize incremental success and see progress bit by bit. Declare a goal and work towards it step by step.

Example one: I want to teach yoga. I wrote a lesson plan, made a flyer, posted it on social media, told some people, handed out an invitation and showed up, on time and prepared, for three weeks. I’m not in the yoga teacher’s hall of fame yet, but my classes are fun, growing and adding value.

Example two: I want to kite surf. My friends found a teacher and a venue and invited me to check it out. I jumped in with both feet (so to speak) ready to hop on the board and let the wind take me away. Whoa, not so fast!  My first lesson was safety, set up, drills, vocabulary, and more safety. After my second lesson, my teacher said I can “hold” the board after one more lesson. Hopefully after two more lessons (5 total) I’ll get on the board and surf away.

Little steps for little feet. Start small and work up to our inherent greatness. And the most important: NEVER GIVE UP.



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