Weekend exploring a new city

What I learned in Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend:

Happy greetings are exchanged upon entering and leaving a place, and/or in the company of a person.  The people are so friendly and generous.

The food is great and as varied as the population. I ate Mexican, Thai and Spanish foods. I participated in a Thai cooking class and will bring my new recipes to my family very soon. The spices and mixtures seduce the senses with flavors.

There are old and new tall buildings, amazing temples, enormous malls, a large outdoor weekend market, statues, and homes on stilts over water that appear at the end of their life expectancy. The elevated metro train is easy to use and navigate, albeit lacking “change making” machines. My only surprise was when I entered the taxi at the airport and the driver was sitting on the right side of the car! There were flowers on trees, in potted plants, lining the sidewalks and arranged in patterns in parks.

The rich culture, history and modern vibe washed over me as I enjoyed the weekend.

What did you learn about over the weekend?



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