Fun lesson for today: Dragée

Fun lesson for today:

  1. Dragée ~ what’s inside my gum bottle.
  2. A dragée is a bite-sized, colorful form of confectionery with a hard outer shell—which is often used for another purpose in addition to consumption purely for enjoyment. Wikipedia

Please pass the dragées!!




28 dragees
28 dragees

Summer daze

The summer days in Abu Dhabi are clear, sunny, warm (39 degrees C at this writing), breezy and quiet. There is a daze that washes over the people who are left here; those of us here by choice and by chance all live it.

The streets are practically empty from sunrise to sunset. The scattering of people in the malls are visitors and me, running an errand. The grocery stores are alive with people stocking up for the night’s Iftar dinner and at night, whoa, they are super crowded with every family member negotiating for some “part sale” item.

I’ve enjoyed the pool twice this week as if it’s my own in my own backyard.

To truly enjoy this summer daze one needs to relax, breathe and go with the flow…or rather, the breeze.



Summer on a beach

30 years of wedded bliss, FUN, adventure & joy

Today is our 30 year wedding anniversary. Mark and I tied the purple knot in Dallas, TX and have lived in four US states and one Middle East Emirate.  We have two wonderful daughters who fill our hearts with joy. We have learned, earned, gained, lost, loved, laughed and lamented. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God and Greenhill for my Mark.

Cheers to 30+ more!

Happy Anniversary, Mark Schnitzer! I love you.



Denise & Mark's wedding photo June 23, 1985
Denise & Mark’s wedding photo June 23, 1985

Happy Father’s Day! No ties, please

For my Dad: I love you and wish you the BEST day ever! Thank you for loving me, teaching me, inspiring me and singing to me. You are a miracle man and my hero!

For my husband: I love you! You are a terrifically fantastic dad. Thank you for ALL you do! You are a stellar-ROCK STAR-daddy!

For all my friends and family who are dads: have a wonderful day celebrating you and your fatherhood.

The world is a better place with all the dads in it.



P.S. I miss you, Ben.


New idea:

How about if you say “yes” to life and to all the adventures along the way? Want to go….. “yes!” Want to eat…..”yes!” Want to do …. “yes!”

I’m going to take it on. Join me!



Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.24.48 PM

A special month here in the UAE begins tomorrow.

Wishing those who observe a peaceful, healthy, reflective, comfortable and loving holy month of Ramadan.

Living in the UAE invites more learning:  tomorrow night at sunset, begins the 30-day period of fasting, praying, reflection, gratitude and love, the most holy month for Muslims.

“Ramadan Kareem”  means Generous Ramadan because it is a generous time for many blessings, to observe all the things we are thankful for, and to give to charity. This is what we say to those who observe.

As my Muslim neighbors and friends begin their fasts and prayer-filled days, I wish them all the best and may peace be upon you, always.

Ramadan Kareem and Aloha,



Time for changes

I’ve met some amazing people over the past two and a half years at my daughter’s school in Abu Dhabi. I’m blessed and fortunate to have worked alongside them; enjoyed parties with them; danced and laughed with them and now embrace them as we become ’empty nesters’.

I remember our daughters starting school in Southern California and all the wonderful friends we made with over the years.  We changed schools, cities, states and now countries, and I reflect on the wonderful, loving friends who have walked this journey with me.

Change is ___________________.  It’s best to embrace it.



Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.15.44 PM

Full house is FUN

Having the grandmothers here for a week was wonderful. Our eldest daughter is still here and I’m a very happy momma! Emily and Tara are enjoying each other, sleeping in, laughing, and savoring all the minutes they are together.

The energy is abundant and brilliant.

Sadly, it will end next week.

Have FUN everyday!

All tips for empty house are welcome….



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