A countdown for our family

In thirty days, my youngest daughter graduates from High School.

In thirty days, suitcases come out of the closet to pack up belongings to take to college.

In thirty days, I graduate too: from mom-on-alert to mom-on-call.

In thirty days, our other daughter, my mom, mom-in-law, brother-in-law, niece and sister-in-law will join us to witness our Tara walk across the stage to receive her diploma. The party that follows will celebrate these young adults’ launch into their next adventure.

In thirty days I anticipate tears of joy and melancholy streaming down my cheeks. When Tara joined our family she exuded promises of joy. Now I see her enjoy sincere jocularity, hearty singing and humor. Who she is for me is the one to make dreams come true, FUN and unconditional love.

Tara, you inspire me!

The countdown really begins. I’d better start nesting in my nest before it’s empty!




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