List of lasts

Good morning on this last day of May.

This is the last week our youngest daughter is in high school.

This is the last time our eldest daughter comes here for a high school event for her sister.

Thursday is the last day high school GRADUATION for our family.

We have both grandmothers here with us for the last granddaughter high school event.

Last (and not forgotten): PTA, room mom, Girl Scout leader, Booster President, teacher, carpool driver, lunch lady, dish washer, cast party host and theatre groupie.

It’s been a wild, lovely, unforgettable ride. Cheers to the next phases of life.

Enjoy your day!




Single digits ’till the big day

Nine (9) more days until our youngest daughter graduates from high school, thus rendering us Empty Nesters.

I have many emotions at this time…. Hugs are greatly accepted and welcomed.

For all the advice, I just take deep breaths and know this is “how it’s supposed to be” and “We’re giving her her wings” and “that’s our job as parents.”  All this doesn’t make it any easier.

I will record this next two weeks as best I can.  We’ll have our whole family together. We’ll celebrate. We’ll laugh and I will most likely cry some tears of joy, nostalgia and heart-break that my “baby” is leaving.

Overall, my heart is full.  I’m so proud of her.  I will be “fine” in September.

I am so very proud of our two daughters. My goal from day one was to make them strong, independent women. I see success in them everyday.

Smile. Have FUN everyday. Kiss your kids! Enjoy the journey!!



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