Nothing better than walking weather

As I walked down the busy downtown streets with my daughter by my side, I was present to the people, buildings, breezes, smells and sounds. I am grateful for the city I call home: it’s clean, safe, refreshing, entertaining, convenient, thriving, accommodating and FUN. The sun kissed our skin. Our hair blew in the wind as […]

Dr. Seuss, Michael Josephson and me

COMMENTARY 925.1: The Wisdom of Dr. Seuss by MICHAEL JOSEPHSON on MARCH 27, 2015 in COMMENTARIES, THE GOOD LIFE Observing the recent birthday of Dr. Seuss caused me to reflect on some of the profound lessons this modern-day philosopher taught with his exotically imaginative stories. For example, whether I’m looking at my clock, my calendar, or observing how quickly my […]

Last high school play for our family

Our youngest daughter made her final curtain call of her high school career last night. The productions were “shorts” ~ each play was 3-9 minutes long. There were about a dozen plays, all chosen by the students.  Tara changed gears this time and was the director; and her play was wonderful. (proud mom moment) She […]