Walking, Talking, Tennis and YOU!

For the past two months, I have honored my commitment to train to walk in the sand. I’m still committed. AND, I have learned so many lessons along the way:

Love all without judgements~ really!  We are all on this Earth to love, learn and laugh. We each have talents, goals and dreams. Yay!

People come in all sizes, shapes and personal stories. Embrace them all!

Talk about what you love and listen to what “they” love. How you listen them may be where the breakthroughs are. When we walk in the sand, we talk and learn about each other. We are all different and all the same.

Tennis is a great sport for all: watching the ladies’ tennis tournament for the past two weeks taught me many lessons, and not just tennis.

Having supportive friends and family goes a REALLY long way.

Doing, seeing, exploring and learning are ways to have FUN everyday!

How are you doing with this?






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