Pink balls, friends and a palace

Being part of an inaugural, history-making event such as the Women’s Heritage Walk 2015 that will take place in 17 days is exciting  for me. Add in an event where our walk patron lives and you have an exciting, NDB evening and one happy Denise!

Driving into the palace, along the sea, and lit up like, well, a palace, my eyes darted right and left to take it all in: gardens, homes, trees, a pool house and oh yes, a huge tennis court. The annual tennis tournament sponsored by a Sheikha, our Sheikha patron of the Women’s Heritage Walk 2015, and I am there! I take my seat, among my friends, in the bleachers, on a thick purple pillow, to watch my friends and her highness play tennis under the stars. Pink balls soared across the net. All the players were strong, competitive and beautiful.

In between the two matches, smiling servers glided through the pool house offering dinner, desserts and drinks on lit trays. Salads and sandwiches displayed on glass tabletops suspended by pastel-colored tires fed the spectators. There was also a room serving a full meal, but I didn’t venture into it… The rich sapphire blue room, decorated with tennis rackets, ornate black picture frames and lights, features a lovely pool and served as the venue for a fashion show of gowns and jewels on statuesque models.

I welcome opportunities like this to learn and experience this culture. My friends played well in their matches and represented their teams proudly.



Tennis tournament goodies
inflatable clapping sticks and cookies served at the tennis tournament


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