Desert, Dunes, Dashing!

Yesterday our walking group took on a new training site for our desert walk: the center section of a camel and horse racing track. We trekked up sand dunes, across flat sections and over 15km of space. It was a beautiful walk sprinkled with laughter and budding friendships.

The Women’s Heritage Walk kicks off February 2 and we are all getting very excited. This historic event will mark the first of a kind for some (me, for example) and “another” trek for others.  We are walking in the footsteps of women in history.

I clocked in 21, 321 steps for the day. I feel great and grateful.

How are you doing with your goals for this new year so far??



NOTE: we walked in the area behind the horse/fence.

Al Wathba track, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Al Wathba track, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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