Stay-cations are great!

Enjoying the area around where you live is a treat in itself.

I just returned home from a stay-cation to the nearby Emirate of Dubai and the Sultanate of Oman. My family and I enjoyed the enormous Dubai Mall first day. Second day we boarded a dhow (traditional wooden boat used for fishing and pearl diving) and sailed along the fjords in Oman. It was very relaxing, delicious (they served lunch) and FUN. We met two families from Italy (one from Milan and one from Rome) and they were delightful and animated and friendly. A true testament to adventurers find each other.

Back home and ready to begin the next (and last) semester of my daughter’s high school tenure. Bring on the fun!

Enjoy your day!



sunset over fjords in Oman dhow cruise along fjords of Oman

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