Walking, Talking, Tennis and YOU!

For the past two months, I have honored my commitment to train to walk in the sand. I’m still committed. AND, I have learned so many lessons along the way: Love all without judgements~ really!  We are all on this Earth to love, learn and laugh. We each have talents, goals and dreams. Yay! People […]

Girlfriends are music for the soul

Over this weekend I danced, laughed, trekked and enjoyed the company of dear girl friends, old and new. Celebrating friendships around a table and a dance floor as well as up and down sand dunes really feeds my soul, quite like a concerto. I’m blessed, beyond words, to have friends from so many nations in […]

Walking women are wonderful

Somalia + US = great walking team!! As we stepped foot in the sand, we became more than friends. We became sisters. Adventure sisters. We walk, talk, laugh, share stories and get closer our own personal goals, dreams, desires. My new friends, Naomi and Ayan are intelligent, driven, beautiful women who will walk on our […]

Ride the bus and meet amazing people!

On my way home last night I scored a seat on a full bus. Even though it faced backwards (I usually don’t choose that), I sat with three beautiful, intelligent and lively women. I asked them where they are from (typical question for everyone, since most of us are expats) and they said Sudan. Then […]