Dazzling, Dynamic, Decisive December

December brings special events to everyone’s calendars. Here in the UAE December 2 is National Day and this is year 43.

There are dazzling, sparkling lights illuminating the city streets. Hotels, apartments, offices and grocery stores are lit up. The Emirates Palace entertains nightly with green laser lights shooting out from the roof.  Atop the tallest building in Abu Dhabi, the Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid,  celebration acknowledgements scroll via an electric sign. This is a historic month.

The UAE nationals reflect on the last 43 years: how they started in the pearl diving business and evolved to the oil business and now capture the glamour business. The superlatives make this a dynamic place to visit and live. The tallest buildings, the fastest roller-coasters, the largest flag on the  tallest flag pole ~ those are some of the record-breaking statements. Yesterday the largest flag, held up by the most men went into the record book.

Of the many stories and accounts of Sheikh Zayed and his leadership, I am most intrigued by his humor, humbleness and vision.  He unified seven separate emirates and helped the citizens realize a better life.  He led them into their future that I am grateful to live in now.

Happy December to all and enjoy all the festivities surrounding this last month of 2014. Stay warm and happy!




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