Women power!

The Women’s Heritage Walk is fast approaching ~ we take off into the desert in less than 40 days.

Along with training in the sand, we are getting fitness tips and meeting other women athletes. Today some of us (and our daughters) met one of the SCA racing crew on the  Volvo Ocean Race boat. Here is what I learned from crew member Corinna Halloran:

There are 14 sailors on the team/squad of this all female crew;
Self regimen wellness;
Swedish sponsored boat;
Corinna got this coveted position thru Volvo and her persistence and personal connections as well as her sailing experience and education;

As for the race itself:
Extremes of waves, psychological, the word “fear” is not in their vocabulary;
next stop China after 24 days in open ocean;
the crew are like sisters;
one of her other duties onboard is “cooking” the freeze-dried food for the crew;
the sailors work schedule is 4 hours “on” and 4 hrs of off; Corinna has 6 hrs of work then she’s off;
this boat is currently in 6th place;
this is the first all-female team in a decade.

So great to meet her, see the SCA pavilion, learn about open ocean racing and mingle with other female athletes.



Life onboard the racing boat Women's Heritage walker and SCA crew member

Take advantage of the fun…

There are so many things to do in your city…in all cities. You just have to do a little “recon” (as my wonderful husband calls it) and go!

Along the Corniche I ran/walked and passed several groups of people enjoying picnics, volleyball games, a paddle game and boaters, swimmers and historical markers of the founder of the Emirates.

Last night was a FUN NDB (never done before.)  We joined some friends to see the Michael Jackson/King of Pop show presented by a man who looks like MJ and danced well enough to command an audience. In the outdoor concert, under the colorful lights, in front of a smoke machine, the man transformed into a fine entertainer.

Whether you are traveling or staying home, explore your city and take advantage of the fun. Join new friends and see some sites.

Have FUN everyday!




My Five thoughts for this day ~

1. Our eldest daughter is spending some time with family and will be with us at the end of the week.

2. Making new friends is such a gift! Do it!

3. Walking in the sand is a welcome challenge to my days now. My favorite part is talking to the women as we walk and learning from each of them.

4. Invitations to holiday parties really makes my heart sing!

5. The cool, crisp air in the mornings makes me smile. It’s the only sign of winter here in the desert.

What are your five thoughts for today?



purple hand

Cool pedometer

I bought a pedometer to keep me focused on (the magic number) 10,000 steps a day, as part of my training for a 140km desert walk I’m doing in February. So far, so great: I’ve walked over 10,000 steps/day since I bought it last weekend. I love to see the results at the end of the day as it gives me a jolt of extra enthusiasm toward my goal.

As a participant in the historic Women’s Heritage Walk, I am training, eating well, following the guidelines toward making the trek successful.

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted! What goal have you set for the first quarter of 2015?




Winter Break begins!!

Today marks the beginning of our “Winter Break” from school. That means no packing lunches, yes to sleeping in, staying up late, and a whole lot of jocularity.

What are you doing for the next three weeks? Have FUN doing it!



Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.29.59 PM

Holiday wishes

Filling your days with holiday shopping, visiting friends and family and cooking? Remember, gratitude is the attitude. Try not to complain about the hustle bustle of it all… Relax, let the excitement of the season wrap you in a blanket of love and gratefulness.

From Abu Dhabi to every point on the globe: I wish you a safe, healthy, happy & FUN holiday season!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Remember: Have FUN everyday and Be GRATEFUL!



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