Two words:

Gentle reminder for this November 9th:


Explore ~ Eat ~ Sing ~ Laugh ~ Relax ~ Smile



have fun.

In perfect time….

Have you ever heard or said the words, “just wait!” Do you wish for a  certain event or milestone to happen? Are you looking forward to something, someday?

In my short life, I have learned that everything happens exactly in the correct order.  The Universe conspires to our happiness and the days pass as planned.

Whether you have goals, strategies, dreams or plans, everything will come to fruition in perfect time. It’s not the destination; it’s the journey. Enjoy every minute!



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GNO Haiku

Go out with good friends.

Eat something new. Laugh out loud.

Dance like no one sees.


= Girls Night Out was great!!! I ate Greek food; danced a Greek dance; broke a plate and had a blast. I did something different and a NDB!

Do you have a plan now?




Take some quiet time…

When you live in a beautiful place, you are keen to explore and engage in all kinds of activities and adventures. This is perfect! Learning all about a new place is key to settling in.

One tip to enjoying it full-out, and not getting overloaded or overwhelmed, is take some quiet time too.

Stay home ~ look out the window ~ BREATHE ~assess your possessions ~ purge your possessions ~ write ~ read ~ just sit and give thanks.

Tomorrow will come and you can seize that day too!



inhale love, exhale gratitude

Welcome November ~ make it great!

Happy November!

Make new friends…. I met new friends last night. Shared a wonderful sushi dinner, laughs, common interests (Bikram yoga, spas, zip lining) and promised to meet again.

Life tip: You only live once: make it count! Have FUN everyday!



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