You just never know….

Meeting new friends, from all over the world, is my favorite part of expat life. Over the weekend, I met some very wonderful, famous, influential, generous and warm new friends. I met a very generous man who works for Boeing and he taught me all about the new airplane 787. Then I got to “drive” it in a simulator.

I met the parents of our daughters’ friend and they are fabulous, Southern people who make a huge difference in the world. We even have common friends. Small world.

And I met a couple from near where we used to live in the States, with common friends, who have traveled extensively, here for their third time, and who introduced us to more fabulous people. They are warm, friendly, dynamic and adventurous.

This IS a small world and there are extraordinary people in it. The only way to enjoy all of it is to say, “Hi!” and smile and play full-out on the court!

How are YOU doing with that?





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