Real serendipity day

As I began my morning, I noticed that the air was crisp, cooler and breezy! Fall arrived in Abu Dhabi!

I set out to walk along the Corniche, a stretch of beach, boardwalk, bike path and walking sidewalk. My intention was to walk towards a grocery store and then shop and go home. The serendipity began after I stepped onto the boardwalk…..

Walking alone is nice, but not as fun as walking and chatting and laughing. As my luck would have it, I saw my friend Lisa (an expat from Texas) a few paces ahead of me. I called out to her but her Bose noise cancellation headphones worked wonders! She didn’t hear me. I texted her, to no avail. I finally caught up with her and we ended up walking 10.5 km together…at quite a healthy clip!

We bought waters and juices at a grocery store; shopped a little at a market; and wandered around an old, but fun, shopping mall near the fish, fruit & veg markets.

When only one  taxi pulled up, after a several minute wait, I asked the man ahead of us if we could share the taxi with him. He said, “Yes,” and we jumped in.  Yes, really! It’s a very Denise thing to do. He is from Malaysia and working here for a month.

Lisa and I enjoyed lunch at an outdoor cafe near our “dorm” ~ remember the temperature is lovely ~ and we were starving after that long walk.

Then my friend Marina (an expat from Sweden) called me to help her move some art, so Lisa and I helped.

When I reflected on this day, I realize how lucky, fortunate and grateful I truly am. I never would have had these experiences or met these people if I was not here. Great things come when I let them!



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