Fab, Fun, Free

This is a new element to my blog: Fab, Fun, Free . I will introduce new   ideas to you and they (most likely) exist wherever you live…or something similar.

Over the weekend we attended a Boat Show at the Dubai Marina Yacht and Golf Club. The “stars of the show” are gently used and well-maintained power boats and live-aboards. The boats are in the water and welcome visitors to tour.

On the FABulously sunny day, we went aboard several boats of interest. We ate a salty snack while watching kids participate in a Stand Up Paddle board race and test their skills on a mechanical bull.

This whole day was FREE and so much FUN!

What will you do today?



Denise, Tara & Mark at Dubai boat show

You just never know….

Meeting new friends, from all over the world, is my favorite part of expat life. Over the weekend, I met some very wonderful, famous, influential, generous and warm new friends. I met a very generous man who works for Boeing and he taught me all about the new airplane 787. Then I got to “drive” it in a simulator.

I met the parents of our daughters’ friend and they are fabulous, Southern people who make a huge difference in the world. We even have common friends. Small world.

And I met a couple from near where we used to live in the States, with common friends, who have traveled extensively, here for their third time, and who introduced us to more fabulous people. They are warm, friendly, dynamic and adventurous.

This IS a small world and there are extraordinary people in it. The only way to enjoy all of it is to say, “Hi!” and smile and play full-out on the court!

How are YOU doing with that?





Big weekend!!

This weekend Abu Dhabi hosts the Formula 1 final race, Beats on the Beach concerts, Science Fair on the Corniche and the opening of Yas Mall.

Mark and I enjoyed the opening activities of the Race and Yas Mall; and the music on the beach lulled us to sleep.

Go out, have fun and do what you love!



Yas Mall Formula 1 track

Celebrating a nation

The celebration of this nation has begun: the jet airplane doing its acrobatics prove it!  When you see the planes fly straight up in the sky then spiral down, it’s quite the site to enjoy. Those pilots are truly exceptional; there is a very small margin for error.

The seven Emirates  will celebrate its 43rd year as a united nation on December 2nd this year. The parties, decorations and events have started!

Only two days are left for the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix taking place at Yas Island! This amazing car race  takes place this weekend followed by live concert performances by Arabian and American musical artists. My friend Rosalind gifted us tickets to the opening day race and I am very excited.

Many buildings are unfurling enormous flags from their roofs. We will hang our flags from our apartment windows.

Revelers are affixing stickers, decals, jewels and metallic paint to their vehicles as well.

Considering how much this nation has accomplished in only 43 years is astounding and outstanding. The logo below is the seven Sheikhs walking together under the flag of the country.

Stay tuned for more details and photos. Let the FUN begin!!




What a party!

This time of year there are a lot of celebrations along the Corniche of Abu Dhabi.

The Science Fair, the Beats on the Beach, and the Yasala all encouraging visitors to enjoy the music, food and hands-on exhibits. It takes place on the beach directly outside of our apartment building. We have a clear view of it all.

Formula 1 race is next week and the finals are here in AD at the Yas track. After the races are live concert performances.

This city really knows how to party. Are you enjoying your week too? Get involved ~ have FUN!



Corniche view from our apt.
Corniche view from our apt.

Just look!

Invited by a lady…who turns out is the president of the organization…who greeted us in a stunning orange, hand-made sari, with a huge smile on her face, welcomed us with warmth.

We attended the Indian Festival in Dubai; and it was wonderful, beautiful, delicious and charming!

Look for wonderful things to do and you will find them.




You have two minutes….

You have two minutes to :

Be good to your self, offering self-love comments.

Take a deep, cleansing, relaxing, inspiring, grateful breath.

Offer gratitude to Mother Nature, Father Time, The Universe and your parents.

Say “thank you” to whoever lives in your home. They keep you company, may help with dishes and most definitely keep you smiling.

Now go make this the BEST day!





Real serendipity day

As I began my morning, I noticed that the air was crisp, cooler and breezy! Fall arrived in Abu Dhabi!

I set out to walk along the Corniche, a stretch of beach, boardwalk, bike path and walking sidewalk. My intention was to walk towards a grocery store and then shop and go home. The serendipity began after I stepped onto the boardwalk…..

Walking alone is nice, but not as fun as walking and chatting and laughing. As my luck would have it, I saw my friend Lisa (an expat from Texas) a few paces ahead of me. I called out to her but her Bose noise cancellation headphones worked wonders! She didn’t hear me. I texted her, to no avail. I finally caught up with her and we ended up walking 10.5 km together…at quite a healthy clip!

We bought waters and juices at a grocery store; shopped a little at a market; and wandered around an old, but fun, shopping mall near the fish, fruit & veg markets.

When only one  taxi pulled up, after a several minute wait, I asked the man ahead of us if we could share the taxi with him. He said, “Yes,” and we jumped in.  Yes, really! It’s a very Denise thing to do. He is from Malaysia and working here for a month.

Lisa and I enjoyed lunch at an outdoor cafe near our “dorm” ~ remember the temperature is lovely ~ and we were starving after that long walk.

Then my friend Marina (an expat from Sweden) called me to help her move some art, so Lisa and I helped.

When I reflected on this day, I realize how lucky, fortunate and grateful I truly am. I never would have had these experiences or met these people if I was not here. Great things come when I let them!



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