Are you enjoying EVERYTHING?

With all the activities available, make time to breathe and take in the fresh air, sunshine and beauty. Nature is a great source of self-love and aliveness. Nurture is essential ~ for you, your loved ones and our world.

Prosperity includes our surroundings, mind play, and ambitions. Only when you really set your intentions, PLAY, declare your path will you see it to fruition.

Use social media….wisely. I’m grateful for the ability to meet new people and explore new activities.

Dream big ~ HAVE FUN EVERYDAY ~Enjoy every minute of every day. Take a walk. Smile at a stranger. Practice acts of kindness.



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Another expat tip

It’s Winter…in Abu Dhabi, it’s still gorgeous, warm, sunny and summery. Here’s the tip: Enjoy your days, where ever you are!

If you like boots, sweaters, umbrellas and leggings, wear them; go somewhere where you can wear them….enjoy that!

If you like swim-wear, shorts, t-shirts and slippers, wear them!

The tip inside the tip: be happy wherever you are. Your life will be happier, your friends and family and significant other will be happier and you will be happy.




Make today GOOD!

Wake up happy ~ Let the JOY run through your veins ~ Enjoy everyone around you ~ Release those negative people, thoughts, activities, meals. ~ HAVE FUN EVERYDAY ~ Be brilliant! ~ Stay active ~ Smile ~ Move ~ Be grateful ~ Explore, learn, discover.

Enjoy this magnificent day!

What will you do today?



get up and start your great day!

Just love ’em all!

You do what you think is right; what will please and what will “sell” and you will always disappoint someone! ERRRR

Just do what you can; share your gifts; listen to your close friends and your heart and do what you can. Whatever!!! (Ni modo)

Love ’em all…even those who complain…..wake up happy and live a great life!

Cheers and Thank you to Therese and Michelle and Pam and Randa and Mark!



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Expat life tips

Many expats write blogs about living this unusual, extraordinary life. One example is below. I fall into some of these categories.

Nine Expats You’ll Meet Abroad

One tip I have: HAVE FUN EVERYDAY~

I am a full-time wife and Mom. I grocery shop, clean our apt and make dinner nightly. I also play Mahjong, golf, organize a Coffee Morning for an expat group, volunteer at my daughter’s school and exercise most mornings. I have lunches and coffees with friends, Happy Hour with neighbors, dinners at non-smoking restaurants and trips to amazing, close locales. I ask questions, explore and learn something new everyday!

If given the opportunity to travel the world, meet fascinating, like-minded people, eat new foods and experience cultures other than the familiar, I say DO IT!

Are you with me?




Add new things

I started golf lessons yesterday.  I haven’t played golf in over 20 years. I met new friends; learned a new grip, some rules and golf etiquette. One is never too old to learn new things. I had a blast!

What have you learned lately? Add something new to your day.