More “Hellos” and “Good-byes”

As an expatriate, I have learned to say “hello” to quickly make friends so my life is full and rich and fun. On the other side of that are the “good-byes” that also are a part of this life.

And so it goes: I will say “good-bye” to four more friends this month. I prefer to say “a hui hou” which in Hawaiian means “until we meet again.” It stings the heartstrings to see people you’ve come to love move away. This is the expat life.

To me, the gift is meeting these wonderful people and having them in my life, albeit a short time.

Remember to always say “hello” ~ whether you’re an expat, traveler, or a permanent resident in your city. Your life will be richer for the wonderful people in it with you.



a hui hou ~ until we meet again

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