Ideas of FUN things to do:

Ideas of FUN things to do over the weekend:

1. go to lunch and shopping with a friend

2. go to the beach

3. go to a magic show or other live show

4. walk along the Corniche (or walkway where ever you live) exploring your neighborhood and/or surroundings

5. go to a movie

6. sit on your sofa and enjoy your view

7. call a friend ( yes, on the phone!)

8. watch Ted talks

9. join a  group and “play” for the afternoon

10. make some new friends

11. make a list of 10 more things to do

There is always something to do if you’re creative and motivated. Have a FUN day!




What’s new with you?

As I write about news in my world, my life and my neighborhood, I reflect. Then I thought, what’s going on in YOUR world? What’s new and news with you? What is next?

Where I live there are many people who move in and move out. Jobs change, people transition and many people head back to their “home” country. For example, since May I said, “So long” to 14 friends.

Have you traveled lately? Learned anything new? Experienced any NDBs? {remember, that’s never done before}

Think about it. How has your yesterday been different from your last month? What will you do differently today? Tomorrow? What’s next for you?

Tip from me: keep having FUN!



whats new

To Muscat and back ~

After a wonderful, action-packed weekend seeing all of Muscat, Oman, we arrived home at 5:30AM…five hours after our planned arrival time.

Here’s what I recommend in Muscat:

  • The Big Red Bus tour
  • Kargeen restaurant for dinner (hard to find but oh-so-worth it!)
  • Arax restaurant for lunch
  • Royal Opera House, Muscat for an opera. Arrive early and enjoy the pre-show lecture

Travel tip: be patient, flexible and friendly. This is my mantra. I promise it pays off!

Safe travels and HAPPY LANDINGS!



home sweet home

Ask and it may be given

I read an article, with interest.

I invited the subject of the article to come speak at a function, without pay but with a lot of interest.

He came yesterday to the function.

He was wonderful, charming, generous, gracious and humorous.

Ask and be amazed!


DeniseJason Carter & me 9-18-14 Abu Dhabi

Quick tips today

When you’re in a new locale, remember to learn as much as you can by asking others, exploring, (including making wrong turns) and getting outside your own comfort zone.

1. Take the public transportation: here it’s a blue bus and/or a silver taxi.

2_Abu_Dhabi_Bus taxis

camel in the city





2. Ask your new friends what’s their favorite dish soap, floor cleaner, grocery store and movie theater. While I love the exploration of it all, this may cut off some “research” time.


3. Make as many friends as you can and trust they will leave the area one day. As an expat, there are two rules: love all and love quickly.

Kathy's party

4. Have FUN everyday!




Salsa, Ole!

The music started. Everyone took their places in the living room. The teacher:  a lively, loving, joyful artist, began with the basic steps and progressed to turns, arm waves, hip swivels and the universal sound of Salsa: Ole!

When there are twenty-three ladies, music and a goal, you know your morning will be great.

Put together your own kind of fun! Help others. Be the difference in someone’s life.




Salsa dancing ~ not the hot sauce!!
Salsa dancing ~ not the hot sauce!!

Gratitude challenge

A dear friend in Hawaii challenged me to write down at least three things, daily for five days, that I’m grateful for. I’m on day 4 today… My gratitude lists consist of family, friends, morning coffee, conversations with my eldest daughter (who’s studying abroad), my parents, exercising again, my city, my amazing life and my walks with my daughter.

I challenge you, my blog readers, to begin a list for yourselves. Do it for five days. Continue if you like it and observe what you are most grateful for; and realize how fortunate you are. I am.

I am grateful that you are reading this blog!



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