Another interesting thing about living in the desert is an occasional sand storm.  Yesterday, while food shopping, the sky turned a beige color and the buildings played “hide & seek”.  When we walked to the taxi stand, we could hardly see the incoming cars! The sky was  gone as were the buildings! It was a sand storm!

This is my second experience with the sand and wind in my one and half years here. It’s an extraordinary event.  Add it to thunderstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes for me.

By dinnertime, the sand had subsided and all was calm.

This morning, the sun was up as usual.

Life goes on in this desert paradise.



This picture is out my window looking over the breakwater and not seeing the Emirates Palace, Presidential Palace or the Marina Mall. Sites I see everyday from this window. Photo taken at 5pm.

Sand Storm August 17, 2014
Sand Storm August 17, 2014

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