Creativity clears your head

When it’s too hot to go outside, when you’ve been inside for too long, when your friends are all out of town, what do you do? Get creative! Clean out your drawers, closets, cupboards, shelves, head! Yes, clean up, read, listen to music, dance, do knee lifts in the kitchen,  laugh, write letters, draw pictures etc.

Just enjoy every day, all 24 hours of it! Get creative!

What ‘s your favorite way to get creative?




Grand slam!

In baseball, when there are players on all the bases and the batter hits the ball so long that all the runners on the three bases can run into home plate for one point each, that’s called a grand slam.

I’ve hit a grand slam: I have an extraordinary husband, an amazing family, wonderful friends and an insight that allows me to see FABULOUSNESS potential in everyday. I win!!

How do you see your life in terms of metaphor?




More fun, fellowship and funny stories

Everyone you meet has stories…..

As we celebrated 4th of July (American Independence Day) with our American friend, Wes, we ate traditional picnic food, laughed about stories of our pasts, and shared the evening together in friendship.

I’m reminded, yet again, how wonderful and fortunate I am living here in Abu Dhabi, with my family & friends and celebrating our great life.

Reminder: Explore, make friends,  live out loud, have fun.



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