The art of “going-thru-tons-of-old-photos”

As the weather permits, indoor activities require care and creativity. As I mentioned in other posts, I’ve cleaned out cupboards, closets and cabinets. Now I’m tackling the boxes (yes, there are about 30) filled to the brim with photos, photo albums, slides, CDs and VCR videos.

In opening the time-scented envelopes, I laugh and remember the past: friends, family and all the activities that make my life so rich.

I’ll attach three photos, used without permission, to show you what I’m referring to. “Those were the days, my friends!” Much more of this topic to come.

Tip: Keep good records of dates, places and names on the photos. Document your travels as well because they become the fabric of your adventurous life.

Any thoughts of your old photos and how to revive them?



3 Generations in DC
3 Generations in DC in 2009
Denise, Greg & ChiChi in the National Aerobics Championships
Denise, Greg & ChiChi in the National Aerobics Championships 1988
Denise, Bobby McFerrin & Mark
Denise, Bobby McFerrin & Mark 2004

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