Peace, generosity & love ~

Spreading peace, generosity and love ~ today and always. Today marks the beginning of the month-long Ramadan, the greatest religious observance for Muslims.

Today is also a great day to send shout outs to those who are traveling for summer: Safe travels, happy landings and have FUN!

Wishing everyone who observes a peaceful, comfortable Ramadan and all who are traveling wonderful journeys.

Ramadan Kareem and Bon voyages!



Make everyday GREAT, really!

Everyday is precious and only 24 hours long.  Our lives are precious and finite…make everyday GREAT!

Say hello ~ make new friends.

Celebrate milestones, big and small. Be grateful.

Spend time with people ~ laugh, learn, listen and love.

Explore the world.


Everyday IS great! Make every hour the happiest hour!

Have FUN everyday!

Are you with me?




Villa or apartment?

Where I come from the homes are called houses. Here, they are called villas. They are huge, well-built, spacious and homey.

Apartments are common and wonderful too. The choices are high-rise buildings, up to 49 floors or, like ours, up to 8 floors. They are also spacious, well-designed and comfortable.

Whichever you choose to live in, make sure you meet your neighbors, security men, maintenance team and building cats.

Happy homes!




It’s quiet around here

The weather is clear; the sky is blue. The streets are not as crowded. There’s been a grand exodus from our city.

My friends have exited the region for “homes” on the other side of the world.

My kids are here with us and that makes for a happy, full home. The full colors of summer appear.

The plans for summer continue to unfold….

Stay happy and busy!



colorful flower

Summer’s here!

Summer’s officially here:  the school year is complete and it’s hot!

Welcome to summer, where ever you are. Enjoy the cool breezes, the lazy days (I awoke at 12:30pm today), the late night movies, talks, dinners and friends.

Remember, summer is our gift for a great first half of the year. Don’t take any of it for granted….ever!

Love your days, nights, family and friends. Walk along the beach, rivers, lakes, trees and country roads. Be still. Listen. Acknowledge life and the people in yours.



Summer on a beach

New to AD? Here are some tips:

Embrace the weather.

The bus is a GREAT way to get around. Taxis are too but not as fun.

Weigh your fruits and veggies before leaving the produce area. They don’t weigh at the check out counter.

All the trolleys (aka shopping carts) roll crookedly. Just live with it.

Say “thank you” in as many languages as you can. You will please many people.

Relax, this is a splendid place to live….you’ll fit right in if you just choose to!



Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.48.15 PM

June FUN

Graduation: high school, college.


Father’s Day

Summer ~ Beaches ~ Relaxing

Sunsets that dance in the sky.

Happy June and have FUN!



Another daughter, a great weekend, almost summer and saying “good-bye”

My eldest daughter is here! Yay! She completed her second year of college and is lovelier than ever!

My youngest daughter and I had a fun time in London over the weekend: we toured, ate, and saw the One Direction concert.

There are only eight more days of school left for this year….yay! Our “summer vacation” is imminent.

Lastly, I said “good-bye” to three amazing girlfriends this month.  As an expat, you have the incredible opportunity to make friends quickly and from all over the world. That’s the great part. To me, the not-so-great part is when they leave to go somewhere else.

I love my friends; and live into the future that our paths will cross again one day.

Remember, it begins with “hello.” Or, in Hawai’i: “aloha!”

Aloha and a hui ho (until we meet again),