Women’s Week

This past week I attended three women’s coffee mornings.

Monday I attended the “Women in Abu Dhabi” group for a laughter yoga event where I met lovely ladies from all over the region. We ate fruit, drank coffee and learned to laugh in the face of stress.

Tuesday my friends Mireille, Laura and I joined the “Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi” in a beautiful location surrounded by the mangroves and learned our best wearable color choices and what fun things we carry in our purses. The attendees were as lively and diverse as I had hoped.

Thursday finished the week with the “American Women’s Network” where American women are only part of the tapestry of this group. We mixed, mingled and listened to a dermatologist explain the care and comfort of our skin in this desert sun.

There is something for everyone and new friends at every outing.  The first step is to get out, say hello and have FUN!



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