Full, grateful & abundant heart

Community is love. Volunteering is love and time. Friendship is love, time and trust. Given the opportunity to volunteer in a community event, I build friendships and memories that last a lifetime. I honor and appreciate those events, friendships, memories. Yesterday was one of those days. I’m still smiling! Gratitude embraces me…. I invite everyone to […]

Another of my favorite things

Another of my favorite things is dinners out with friends. Choosing a new restaurant. Trying new foods. Enjoying new conversations. Learning other people’s stories. Laughing. When you say “hello, ” make the call, set the date and meet your new friends, worlds open. Conversations live out on the court. How are you doing with your […]

Mother’s day wave

After focusing on sending my wonderful mom and mom-in -law flowers, notes, emails, video messages and Facebook messages, I felt  accomplished and complete.  I rather forgot that there are two people in the world to celebrate me. On the 11th of May, twenty years after I became a mother, I received texts, emails, Facebook messages, […]