Arguably the best life!

My mantra is HAVE FUN EVERYDAY and I live that authentically. I pack as much as I can in a day: outings, activities, functions, parties, personal visits etc. Having said that, I must share “a day in the life” of me.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

5:00am wake up ~ check emails, Facebook and Skype

7:00am catch the bus to Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

7:30 loaded on a bus to Sharjah (another Emirate, north of Dubai)

10:00am private tour of the Islamic museum

11:00am shop and explore the famous Blue Souq in Sharjah

1:10 am walk to the Dhow Restaurant (a real dhow boat converted to a restaurant)

2:15pm load back on the bus to return to Abu Dhabi

5:00pm bus back to apartment

7:00pm enter hosts home for a murder mystery party

1:15am head on the pillow.

That’s one fun-filled, jam-packed day. I love my blessed life. I awoke at noon today, hence the tardy blog entry.

Remember: have FUN everyday! Love the people in your life. Appreciate everything and be grateful.




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