New or Seasoned…just get out there!

If you are new to a place, living or visiting, OR if you’ve lived there for many years, you must get out there and play full out! The fun is out there, on the court!

In the past week, I’ve met so many new people: in a cooking class, “laughter yoga” class, at a lecture, at a Coffee Morning and through other friends. Life’s too short to stay home, alone and bored. I say go have fun! Put yourself out there and play! Yes, the first step is the hardest, scariest, riskiest, but you don’t know what’s on the other side until you venture out.

Remember, the fun starts with a smile and a “hello!” Go out and have fun, make friends and live your great life!



flowers 2


To the beach!

Just a short walk down the street, under the street, around the fountains is a quiet, clean, sprawling beach. It’s our go-to place to float, relax, talk and discuss the world’s matters.

I highly recommend it for an hour or so to recharge, reset and really enjoy the view of the lovely city we call home.



Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi Our beach
Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi
Our beach

Tips for newcomers in Abu Dhabi

It’s getting warmer now that it’s Spring. Enjoy it!

The bus stops, buildings, windows, cars and  trucks are getting cleaned & washed. We like our city to shine.

Air-conditioning maintenance is a MUST… in your homes and cars. Summer’s coming.

Weigh your fruits and veggies at the weigh counter BEFORE you get in line to pay.

The best time to food shop is mornings and the worst time is Saturday nights.

Offer thanks, gratitude, respect and praise to ALL the hard-working people you see…. They deserve it!

Stop and smell the flowers: plumeria, gardenia, roses are all in bloom!

One last tip: HAVE FUN EVERYDAY! We are fortunate to live here and this is a lovely place!



Our skin looks fabulous!

We’ve been enjoying the benefits of Nivea skin care for many years. It dawned on me the other day that we have a lot of products in our cupboards…take a look! ha ha






No wonder we’re always smiling: we have happy, healthy skin!




Life is FUN

Waking up to the sunshine

Riding the bus to the mall

Trying new yogurt flavors

Cleaning out closets


Watching the city come alive at night.

These are Friday night FUN things. I enjoy them and I share.

Have FUN everyday!



Living, sharing and spreading abundance

As Spring unfolds here

I offer thanks,

I share my life in words and pictures.

My strategy is sharing and spreading love and abundance daily in how I live.

The birds outside sing in riotous melody.

The flowers bloom from trees, bushes and the desert ground.

The moon is full and bright.

Colors meet the eye and delicious scents float in the air.

I have let go of ancient, outdated, binding rituals that do not forward the action of love, peace, abundance or joy. I feel liberated.

Be happy + share smiles + forgive + move forward + have FUN = my recipe for life.



happy spring
















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Great things always happen!

Spring Break 2014 is in the history books of the Schnitzer Family.

When we started the break, two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what we’d do, if we’d go anywhere, how it would turn out. In pure Schnitzer form, we had a blast, went to two other  Emirates and made more memories.

I’m always certain that when I am present, great things happen. When I use my imagination, great things happen. When I open my mouth to say “hello,” great things happen.

Happy new week ~  Make great things happen!




Arguably the best life!

My mantra is HAVE FUN EVERYDAY and I live that authentically. I pack as much as I can in a day: outings, activities, functions, parties, personal visits etc. Having said that, I must share “a day in the life” of me.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

5:00am wake up ~ check emails, Facebook and Skype

7:00am catch the bus to Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

7:30 loaded on a bus to Sharjah (another Emirate, north of Dubai)

10:00am private tour of the Islamic museum

11:00am shop and explore the famous Blue Souq in Sharjah

1:10 am walk to the Dhow Restaurant (a real dhow boat converted to a restaurant)

2:15pm load back on the bus to return to Abu Dhabi

5:00pm bus back to apartment

7:00pm enter hosts home for a murder mystery party

1:15am head on the pillow.

That’s one fun-filled, jam-packed day. I love my blessed life. I awoke at noon today, hence the tardy blog entry.

Remember: have FUN everyday! Love the people in your life. Appreciate everything and be grateful.